The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 654

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 654-Carol exclaimed, “Oh, then that’s a relief… Anyway, do you know if Winter and Mona are coming back for dinner?”

“No,” Frank replied, doing his best to stay calm despite his fears. “Actually, none of us will be going back tonight, but we’ll be back tomorrow night.”

“Oh, okay. Just stay safe with the girls, Frank.”

“Yeah, don’t worry.”

Frank hung up after assuring Carol, only for another call to arrive, this time from Bravo.

“Mr. Lawrence. The Salazars just came and took Ms. Lane and Ms. Turnbull away! My boys and I did my best to put up a fight, but they got away! I’m so sorry, I—”

“No, it’s alright. It wasn’t your fault,” Frank assured Bravo despite his heart sinking right then.

When he hung up, there was no hiding the murderous glare in his eyes.

“Donald Salazar!” he growled through his teeth. “I gave you a chance! You’ve really done it now!”

Suddenly, Frank’s phone rang again.

This time, it was Gina, who started snapping as soon as Frank answered, “Frank Lawrence! To think I’ve believed for a moment you’ve turned over a new leaf. but you’ve tricked me! That ruby is just some piece of glass, not even worth fifty bucks! Forget lying to me—you’d lie to Helen too?! Your family thinks Helen is worth so little, do they?! You’d better make up for this, or you’re never marrying Helen! I’d rather die than let you marry her! Kill me if you can, you liar and bastard!”

Gina’s fishwife ramblings left Frank snapping right then.

“Shut up!” he bellowed and hung up immediately.

Gina actually flinched on the other end—even if she had threatened Frank with her own life, she was certainly afraid.

As she came to her senses after Frank’s outburst and hung up, she was clenching on her phone and exclaiming in disbelief, “How dare he. Telling me to shut up?! The insolence! Is that how he behaves if he wants to marry my daughter?! I’d rather die than let Helen marry that liar!”

Even as Gina was busy getting hysterical over Frank, Cindy had already bought tickets to go abroad.

Gina called her just as she passed the border control area. “Cindy? Where are you? It’s late now—why aren’t you coming home yet?”

Though Cindy felt guilty from Gina’s question, Gina was already starting to rant about Frank insulting her, and urging Cindy to go back to Lane Manor. After that, they would go to Skywater Bay and find Helen, and expose Frank’s lies.

“Forcing Titus Lionheart to concede? From where I’m standing, it’s all lies!” Gina spat. “Frank is a liar, and the rest of his family too!”

“Huh… Anyway, I’m hanging up, Aunt Gina.”

“Hello? Cindy? Hello?”

After Cindy hung up, she blocked Gina’s number and strode toward her flight gate without a care.

She would start her new life now, with the 500 million dollars in her savings account.

She could not hide her hopeful smile even as she envisioned the good life she would lead abroad.

Naturally, she did not notice that a scrawny Talnam man had been watching her from her seat at the waiting lobby.

Seeing Cindy striding through the flight gate, the man spoke into his earphone quietly. “Target has just boarded her flight

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