The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 620

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 620-A man in a long coat strode in, the sharpness in his eyes so piercing it could well be actual blades.

He had long black hair with a streak of white on his bangs that parted in the middle. Standing tall at 1.9 meters, he was burly and fleshed out where he should, making it obvious that he was a formidable martial artist.

“You have to help Mr. Graves! Frank Lawrence is going to kill him!” Wilbur was still crying out anxiously.

“Cam down.” Titus shot Wilbur a look of assurance, while he strode pompously to stand just beneath the stage, smiling faintly at Frank on top. “So, you’re Frank Lawrence? I’ve heard you saying outside that you don’t fear me?”

His tone was calm, but the dark aura spilling out of his eyes struck Burt so hard he stumbled a few steps backward.

Burt paled in shock as he came to a realization. “He completed Birthright! S-So that’s the might of Titus Lionheart?!”

Even Helen’s fingers were clenching on Frank’s clothes even as she cowered in his arms.

And yet, Frank was not backing down, even striding forward to meet Titus’ glare.

“Why should I be afraid?”

Both men held each other’s glare for a full ten seconds before Titus chuckled.

“Heh… I expected nothing less of you, Mr. Lawrence. Your strength certainly commands respect.”

Despite his tall frame, Titus spoke calmly and did not seem to have the haughty temper of rich kids like Chaz or Neil.

And yet, boundless danger lurked beneath his calmness—if caught off guard like Burt, he would knock one off balance with his menacing presence!

Be that as it may, Frank remained calm as he replied, “You don’t say, Mr.

Lionheart. You live in Morhen, but you had to poke your nose all the way into Riverton, taking in a bunch of despicable mooks under your wing. But I guess you’re no different, since that’s what they say about birds of the same feather.”

“What.” Chaz was dumbstruck.

Titus could well be a god to him, with boundless poor and endlessly influential connections.

And yet, Frank remained so impudent, even insulting Titus to his face!

However, while Chaz was left shocked for a moment by such bravado, he was soon smiling sinisterly.

Frank’s conceit suits him just fine—a man like Titus would not leave Frank’s insults unanswered!

And once the fighting started, Frank would be resting in pieces!

However, even as Chaz grinned savagely at Frank, ready for Titus to kill him in one swift stroke, Titus actually bowed his head and apologized, “You’re right, Mr.

Lawrence. I’m a poor judge of character.”

What?! Titus was bowing instead of flying into a rage?!

In Draconia, no one had the right to make Titus bow or apologize, save for Titus’ own father!

Naturally, it was not just Chaz—even Wilbur was left in visible shock and disbelief behind Titus.

Titus had always strutted, and this was the first time Wilbur saw Titus bow his head and apologize despite another’s person’s insults!

“Titus, what—”

However, before Wilbur could finish, Titus suddenly reared his head again, his eyes flashing coldly as he snapped, “I’ve apologized for my misdemeanor, but what about you, Mr. Lawrence?!”

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