The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 615

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 615-‘Helen, there are times when you shouldn’t be rational. You’re a woman and you should trust your instincts more and be stubborn! Know how to follow your heart when you face a dilemma, or you’d be left with a lifetime of regret like me.’ Helen’s confused gaze turned sharp as she remembered her grandfather’s will.

It was thanks to her wit and rationality that Lane Holdings became so successful.

However, it was also her wit and rationality that kept her only relieving what she saw, doubting everything Frank said.

She used to think about it and regret it but ultimately stayed rational and dispel those regrets.

And the same thing was happening, as her rationality kept telling her not to go with Frank, or the consequences would be severe.

Her heart kept resisting that, however, because she really wanted to take Frank’s hand… to the point she could lose her mind.

“Haha. Hahaha!!!”

She suddenly laughed as everyone looked on, innocently and without a care.

“So that’s what it was. I’ve always wondered why I could never measure up to Vicky Turnbull, and why she could always manage what I can’t.”

Smiling earnestly, she snapped, “Mom? I’m so sorry, but I don’t fucking care about the Lane family anymore!”

Her expletive left everyone gaping in shock, even as she pushed Gina away and pulled the veil off her face.

Then, instead of taking Frank’s hand, she strode up to Chaz and slapped him resoundingly across the face, leaving everyone dumbfounded.

“You despicable little man! You’d have me sleep with that disgusting pig on that first night?! I’d rather marry an animal than marry you!”

Chaz was left clutching his cheek, his shock soon turning into crazed fury.

“Helen Lane.!!! Frank Lawrence!!! You’re both asking for it!”

“No, it’s you who’s asking for it!” Helen snapped, taking off her stilettos and throwing it at Chaz. “You are tiny, despicable, and trash! And I’ll spit on your grave!”

Chaz tried to dodge, but one stiletto struck him in the face.

Helen then strode up and took Frank’s hand with a blissful smile.

“I’m so sorry, Frank. Chaz coerced me!” she cried. “I’m finally following my heart now, and I’d have no regrets even if I die at your side today! I’m yours even in death—I love you!

The plot twist in the wedding left the entire wedding hall a mess.

Helen’s outburst was praised subtly, even by the family and business owners with close ties to Graves family.

The heiress earlier was even clutching her cheeks in admiration. “Fearless against authority, revenge, and death… My goodness, this is so romantic!”

“Shut up!” Wilbur was fuming from embarrassment nearby, as Helen’s ravings left him a target of the crowd’s spite. “Go! Kill them both!”

Even as he huffed and bellowed, his bodyguards charged toward Frank and Helen.

“Helen.” Frank was actually a little bewildered to see Helen throw herself into his arms.

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