The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 613

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 613-Frank Lawrence? Never heard of him.”

“Who’s he? How dare he mess with the Graves family, one of the top four families of Southstream?”

“Is he crazy? Suicidal, even?”

“Oh, this is getting really interesting! I have my headline ready for tomorrow now!”

“We’re in for a show!”

The peaceful wedding was first interrupted with the crowd’s whispers, and eventually, pandemonium ensued.

All at once, the crowd was discussing Frank’s background, the arranged marriage between the Lanes and the Graves, and what on earth could have led to this wedding interruption.

“Oh, this plot came to me in a dream…” an heiress suddenly murmured with twinkling eyes. “The princess is marrying a prince, but her one true love comes to their wedding to take her away.”

“Wake up. This is reality, not a fairy tale—and the bastard is getting himself killed.”

“Yeah. Let’s see how Chaz Graves deals with this.”

“How else would he deal with this? The brat is dead either way.”

Helen, however, was completely oblivious to everyone’s words—she only had eyes for Frank.

Frank’s clothes were a little disheveled, and there were blood stains on her cheek.

Even so, he was the prince she yearned for.

However, before she could reach out with her hand, she withdrew as if jolted as her rationality returned. “Frank.” Helen despaired, knowing full well that nothing had changed even though Frank came for her. After all, she understood that even if Frank came to save her and she really wanted to leave with him, his intrusion was fatal.

After all, he had insulted three families in one go—the Graves, the Lanes and even the Lionhearts.

In the end, she would still marry Chaz as he demanded, while Frank would suffer the inconsolable wrath of the Graves and the Lionhearts!

A future? There was no telling if he could leave Graves Mansion alive!

“Is he crazy to have come alone, or is he just suicidal?” Cindy saw Frank too and knew for a while that he was strong.

Still, she was surprised he came. or perhaps the Graves family did not arrange for security?

“Hah! It’s fine you came.” Gina’s expression suddenly contorted viciously beside Cindy, glancing at her as she sneered. “Mr. Graves definitely arranged for a legion of martial elites. They will wipe Frank off the face of the earth, to everyone’s relief.”

“I see.” Cindy leered at Frank haughty as if he really was going to die. “So Chaz planned all this.”

“Planned this? Fuck off!” Chaz swore under his breath, panicking and almost losing his balance when he overheard Cindy and Gina.

He had certainly arranged for security, covering every inch of this mansion with traps and martial elites just to capture Frank when he came.

And yet, he broke through everything and arrived here anyway!

“How did he get in here?” Chaz murmured, doubtful that Frank defeated his three hundred alone and remained so nonchalant as if it was just a walk in the park.

At the same time, Gina sprang to her feet and started snapping at Frank, “Frank! You’d better fuck off— Mr. Graves has this place surrounded, and if you keep messing around, you’ll die here!”

She was not about to let anyone mess up her destiny, let alone Frank, the one bastard she hated most —not when she was inches away from the life of fame and fortune she imagined!

“Hmph. Surrounded?” Frank ignored the chaos around him, instead going onstage and pushing away the priest and emcee on his way to Helen.

“I came like I said, Helen,” he said, looking straight into her eyes with a bright gaze that left her frustrated.

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