The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 608

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 608-Countless rich and powerful individuals and groups arrived, with hundreds of prestigious cars lining the parking lot outside Graves Mansion. Naturally, there were many others forced to park by the curb.

Chaz was wearing a black tuxedo, his hair combed neatly as he stood and received all the guests filing through the parlor.

Naturally, he was only greeting the top elites of Riverton—his retainers would handle the modest families and small business owners.

Even as he appeared bright and pleasant, raising his champagne flute to salute the guests around him, one of the servants came to him with a report,

“Everything’s in place, sir… but the Salazars didn’t send anyone, citing unforeseen circumstances.”

Chaz shrugged. “Never had much hope in Donald Salazar anyway.”

“That’s not it, sir,” the servant said, before leaning in to whisper into Chaz’s ear, “The Salazars’ factory was retaken by Kurt Stinson. At this point, they have no leverage for a partnership with us. though someone from Mr. Stinson’s side has since made contact with us.”

“Really?” Chaz smiled, a little surprised. “Tell them yes. I’m fine with partnering with anyone, as long as the Turnbulls and Frank Lawrence fall.”

“Yes, Mr. Graves.” The servant nodded and left.

Another servant soon came with another report. “Mr. Graves, Frank Lawrence was at Lane Manor two nights ago, announcing that he would crash this wedding.”

Chaz snorted. “I knew he’d come, but announcing it? I’m interested to see if he has the guts to come good on his word! This is my house, and I’ve assembled every man we have, not to mention that the Lionhearts have sent their martial elites as well. If he comes, he’s not leaving!”

His eyes flashed with savagery even as he crushed his champagne flute. “We’ll settle this once and for all, Frank! You’ll be kneeling before me even as I humiliate you!”

  • In a grandly decorated room, Helen was sitting before the dressing table, staring blankly at the beautiful woman in the mirror.

She glanced at the phone she left on the table, her eyes welling up with worry— she had been fretting that he would really come ever since Frank declared he would crash this wedding.

Worst of all, he had killed Hubert, and there was no hiding it—the Lionhearts were long since made aware of that fact.

If Frank came to Graves Mansion, he would not be just facing the Graves’ wrath, for the Lionhearts would want a piece of him too.

That’s why she had been calling Frank repeatedly, and then texting him since he was not answering, begging him to stay out of this.

Naturally, Frank did not respond to her texts, and it left Helen further uneasy.

Gina came up to her just then, beaming as she placed a beautiful jewelry box in front of Helen. “See? Mr. Graves bought all these for you. Even the cheapest one costs millions! Come on, pick a few and put them on.”

In contrast to Gina’s enthusiasm, Helen was totally uninterested, even sighing.

“What?! Are you still thinking about that bastard?!” Gina snapped right then, her face falling since she knew all too well what her daughter was thinking.

She snapped the jewelry box shut even as she growled, “Just give up already, Helen—this is Graves Mansion, and there’s guards stationed at every corner.

Frank would be kept outside the gates even before he could get in, and it’d be worse for him if he tries to barge in!”

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