The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 594

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 594-Ivana snorted in disdain. “I really shouldn’t have invited her here if I knew she’d behave like this.”

“It’s alright.” Vicky smiled. “Let’s eat!”

Even as everyone returned to the banquet table, Olive could suddenly be heard screaming outside the door.

“What happened?!” Everyone turned apprehensively toward the door to find that Hubert had returned.

This time, he was accompanied by two middle-aged men. One could feel their presence from afar, and they were clearly brimming with energy, making it obvious they were all vigor wielders.

Moreover, their fists were dripping with blood that were not theirs.

Even so, Corey demanded, “Aren’t you giving up yet, Mr. Sorano?”

“Give up?” Hubert laughed, his previous amicable expression gone and replaced by savagery. “Don’t think you could flex on me just because you have some moves! These two are my family’s executives here in Riverton, and they’re here to kill you!”

The two men traded glances in turn. Then one of them sneered as he danced forward, his vigor charged as he shot toward Corey in an instant.

“Flying fish kick!”

Corey could certainly see that the man was no pushover and used his killing stroke right then, aiming his kick straight at the man’s temples.

“Using such third-rate moves to flex on Mr. Sorano?! You’re really asking for it!”

The man bellowed, moving as fast as lightning as he grabbed Corey by the ankle, holding it firmly in place.


Even as Corey realized the danger when he could not pull away, Hubert was laughing in the distance.

“Let’s see how you’re going to keep yapping after this! Break his leg, Zorn!”

“Yes, sir.” Zorn looked up with a dangerous smile and twisted Corey’s ankle before the latter could move.


A sick crunching of bones resounded in the banquet hall, followed by Corey’s screams.

He then collapsed to the floor with an audible thud, as sweat gushed down his forehead.

“See? That’s for standing up against me.” Hubert chuckled coolly and turned toward Zorn, gesturing across his neck with his finger. “Kill him.”

“No!” Kiki broke down as she saw that Zorn was ready to do it and ran forward, crying, “I’ll come with you, Hubert! Don’t kill Corey—he has nothing to do with this!”

“Oh, but he does now.” Hubert sneered smugly at her. “I warned you, but you didn’t listen. Now you’ll see the consequences of upsetting me!”


On the other hand, Corey closed his eyes in despair as he watched Zorn raise his fist, his heart welling with endless regret.

He really should not have intervened—someone like him could not afford to challenge the Sorano family. All the martial elites at their disposal could easily destroy him, and no one would avenge him even if he was killed.

All he could hope for was one thing—that the Soranos did not take out their rage on his family.

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