The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 587

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 587-An attendant led Frank and Vicky to a grandly decorated banquet hall, which was already filled with men and women.

They appeared close with Vicky, and some were even teasing her. “Oh, Ms.

Turnbull. Always so busy— don’t you know how long we’ve been waiting?”

“Really? You lot just arrived yourselves.” Vicky grinned as she led Frank to their seats.

The eyes of every woman around them lit up when they saw Frank.

“Oh, Vicky! It’s really been a while, huh? When did you get yourself a young stud?”

“Nonsense. She’s engaged to Titus Lionheart of Morhen.”

“Then this must be him. I’m Corey Wallace from Norsedam—your reputation precedes you, Mr. Lionheart.”

“Oh, so he is Titus Lionheart? He’s so handsome!”

“What a loving couple, attending every social event together! Hi, I’m Ivana Crawley, and this is my husband Jack Trudish.”

Frank was left smiling awkwardly as everyone spoke to him all at once. Even Vicky’s male classmates were on their feet, nodding and smiling fawningly at Frank.

Vicky quickly smiled and leapt to his defense. “Stop it, guys. This isn’t Titus— he’s the head of Grande Pharma’s pharmaceutical research and my personal bodyguard.”


Everyone who was about to shake Frank’s hand and offer toasts paused, most of them frowning. The vibes in the hall clearly changed as they realized he was not Titus, repulsed by his very presence.

A woman in a red gown with a plunging neckline even rolled her eyes at Frank, clearly belittling him.

“Vicky, you shouldn’t bring frivolous people to our gathering,” she said with a snort. “Don’t you agree, Corey?”

“Exactly.” Corey was furious too, embarrassed that he almost fawned over a bodyguard.

“In that case, excuse me.” Frank started to get up, ready to leave.

Things had gotten awkward because of him, and he had no arson to catch more heat.

However, Vicky got up and firmly pressed him back on his chair before turning around and leveling a cool glare at everyone.

“What? Do you have a problem with the man I brought to dinner?” she demanded, her imposing tone leaving the hall silent.

“No way. The gentleman is drop dead gorgeous to me,” a woman in a tracksuit suddenly said as she got up and walked up to Frank. “Hello, I’m Kiki Moss.

Pleasure to meet you.”

Most of her face was concealed with a pair of shades and a baseball cap even as she shook Frank’s hand politely.

“Kiki Moss?” Frank did a double take—her name rang a few bells.

Kiki giggled in her sweet voice. “I’m just an ordinary streamer. Sorry about the getup, but I really hate the paparazzi.”

“Oh. Pleased to meet you.” Frank nodded.

“No way! You don’t know who Kiki is?!” a woman sitting a little far exclaimed in shock as she stared at Frank. “She’s the ever sweet streamer who’s always been appearing in clips—”

“Yeah, she’s so popular! All of Draconia knows her!”

“Oh, stop it.” Kiki pursed her lips. “You’re all exaggerating…”

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