The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 584

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 584-Even as Bocek looked into Quinn’s tearful eyes, he bellowed, “Run! Don’t worry about me—Donald has gone mad, and you must tell the chief about what happened here! Warn him not to seek revenge against Frank… If he insists, he can have Donald’s head!”


Quinn was exceedingly miserable.

She was the one who suggested they seek help from Donald. After all, they had no one to go to, and Bocek urgently needed treatment or his injuries would deteriorate enough to kill him.

Naturally, she believed the Salazars would help for Drakon Salazar’s sake, only for Donald to suddenly snap.

Now, Donald was going to kill them and blame their deaths on Frank!

“Just run, Quinn!” Bocek repeated, having seen that Donald had truly lost his mind and was dead set on killing Frank.

There was no way he would run since he was thoroughly hurt and in Donald’s hand at that.

The only way to minimize casualties at this point was to tell Quinn to run, or they would both die here!

“No, I won’t!” Quinn bawled.

“Quinn.” Bocek appeared in trouble.

Quinn was his only child, and he thought that her marriage to Drakon would prove a rewarding union, as the Salazars were a decent bunch.

Contrary to expectations, the Salazars ended up giving them a terrible enemy even before they got married. In fact, the Salazars themselves turned against them now and were ready to blame their deaths on someone else.

“Hmph. I’ve led a noble life, and I’m not about to be coerced by some despicable worm!”

Bocek snorted coldly and took one last look at his daughter before suddenly rising to his feet and running straight into Donald’s dagger.

It pierced his neck in an instant, splattering blood everywhere.

Quinn screamed right then, her eyes flashing in endless spite for Donald.

She clenched her fist, knowing that her father did it so that she would make the decision to run and not stay as the Salazars’ hostage!

“Just you wait, Donald Salazar!” she bellowed and turned as she dashed out of Salazar House.

Donald froze, surprised that Bocek would go that far and was willing to die rather than be his hostage.

Still, he soon came to his senses—if Quinn managed to make it out, his plan to blame Frank for their deaths would go up in smoke!

Not only would his plan fail, but he would also be making enemies of Sage Lake Sect!

Hence, he promptly yelled at his bodyguards, “Bring her back, dead or alive!

The one who brings her to me will be rewarded with ten million dollars!”

Where there was money, there was a way—every single Salazar bodyguard’s eyes were flashing with greed as they charged toward Quinn.

Quinn might have been a martial elite, but her vigor was now crippled, unable to augment her technique.

She was soon on the backfoot and surrounded.

“Kill her!” Donald shouted from a distance.

Quinn watched as the Salazars’ bodyguards kept charging at her, her eyes welling up in misery.

She would never have gotten involved with Drakon if she had known that his family was such ingrates, and she would certainly not take sides with them and make enemies of Frank

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