The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 577

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 577-“Fall back!” Bravo bellowed, knowing that now was not the time to act tough after Frank had spoken.

Their land lot was right there and not running anyway, and so he fled, with his men helping him as they ran outside the factory.

It was only then that they saw the thin blue smoke in the air, almost invisible to the naked eye.

“Mr. Lawrence saw that before we all did.” One of the goons sighed, feeling lucky to have survived that. “He’s simply amazing!”

“Ya think? The man had some moves too—he took down Mr. Lambert with just a couple of moves, and it was so clean!”

“Alright, shut it!” Bravo snapped.

He was blushing while also a little spooked that Frank had subdued him.

As Kurt’s best fighter, he had been carving a reputation for his exploits over the years. Naturally, it was a little unacceptable for him to be subdued so easily.

Still, he felt fortunate that he never made an enemy of Frank, or he would now be suffering for it.

“Nobody breathes a word about this, ever,” he quickly barked at his boys.

“Yes, sir.” The goons quickly kept their mouths shut, seeing that Bravo was being dead serious.

  • As Bravo and the others waited outside, Frank entered the factory alone.

He was actually impressed to see the precision machines kept within the pitchblack factory. It seemed that the Salazars had really paid a fortune for all these, and they would definitely have to announce their bankruptcy if Kurt retook this land lot.

It was weird, since the Salazars’ Beauty Pill was thoroughly defeated by the Turnbulls’ Rejuvenation Pill. At this point, they should be selling their machines to recoup their losses, just so that they could salvage something out of the whole debacle.

That begged the question—why would they rather keep the factory and these machines, even if it meant making an enemy of Kurt?

“They haven’t given up yet?”

Just as Frank appeared puzzled, a one-armed silhouette slowly stepped out, rasping, “I’m surprised that someone made it in here. Oh, what a blunder… Kurt Stinson hired you out of the black market, did he?”

Suddenly, the lights of the factory were turned on, and the interior became bright as day.

Naturally, the one-armed silhouette was Jaud—he had been surprised when he sensed someone making it into the factory, resisting the effects of his blue candle.

He was ready anyway, since Kurt was the kingpin of East City. It would make sense if Kurt hired a couple of Earthrank elites with his connections to the blackmarket.

Still, he did not foresee this—he knew the effects of his blue candle better than anyone, and even Earthrank elites should not have made it in here unscathed.

The intruder’s pace was unhurried, showing no signs of urgency to search and destroy the source of the poison.

When Jaud turned on the lights, ready to unleash his trump card, the face he saw left him dumbfounded.

He would have been fine with anyone else… but it had to be Frank!

It was a bolt from the blue when Jaud saw him, just a sense of helplessness welled up within him, filling every fiber of his being.

The bastard was everywhere!

And the Salazars had been staying so discreet, refraining from upsetting Frank at all, but Frank had to suddenly get involved with the Salazars’ disagreement with Kurt too!

Frank was chuckling in turn. “So it really is you, old-timer. The Salazars never know when to give up, huh?”

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