The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 572

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 572-Bravo nodded. “Oh, of course. I’ll wait for you,”

He was in no hurry, crouching as he waited in the hallway, even lighting himself a cigarette.

Frank did not chase him off and returned to the podium in the lecture hall.

He had certainly earned the respect of every student, and not just the girls— even the boys were at once grateful and worshipful.

Still, the silent lecture hall was soon interrupted by a shrill, sarcastic voice.

“Hmph. Just look at him, getting all smug because he has some powerful friends. Who knows if he really knows medicine?”

Frank turned to find that it was the girl with dyed blonde hair from earlier who had rushed to Hal’s side after Frank floored him.

It seemed that she was upset with Frank because of Hal.

“So, you are skeptical about my medical knowledge?” Frank remained unaffected, standing on the podium with his hands clasped behind his back as he smiled. “I can already see the swelling bags under your eyes and the yellow specks at the corner of your eyes despite your thick makeup. Also, the dull complexion of your cheeks, your dried lips, reddened eyes, and clear look of fatigue tell me right away that you’re pregnant.”

Everyone turned toward the girl right then, who appeared stunned for a moment before springing to her feet, pointing at Frank as she snapped, “Y-You’re lying!

I’m not pregnant at all!”

In reality, she was—pregnancy tests never lie, which was why she could not hide a hint of guilt in her voice.

“What a pity…” Frank shook his head, not offended by his denial. “You’re also constantly sleepy, sweating persistently, and suffering loss of appetite despite digestive problems. After all, you’re not just pregnant. You’re also.”

The girl was stunned again since Frank was right on every count. “Also what?”

“You’re suffering from a condition common in promiscuity. It’s called human immunodeficiency virus— HIV, for short.”

The girl was stunned again. But when she recovered this time, she was shrieking madly even as she ran out of the classroom, “Hal Lambert, you bastard!”

Once she left, several boys sitting at the last row in the lecture hall turned pale and fled too.


The students remaining in the lecture hall were all left astounded, and they all stood up to applaud Frank, worshiping him even more just then.

“That’s simply amazing!”

“He could tell just from a look… That’s a real healer for you!”

“He’s the embodiment of wisdom through the ages!”

“Whatever have we been learning until now?”

Frank waved them off—it was just a little distraction for him. “That’s enough, everyone. Let’s proceed to the importance of bedside manner in medicine.”

As he spoke, every student was paying him full attention—even those who usually slacked off.

Soon, the two-hour lecture was over, and Jean promptly leapt up to grab Frank by the arm, pleading, “How about giving a lecture every week, Mr. Lawrence?

I’m begging, please!”

“Yes, professor! We’re begging!”

“We’d even pool our money to pay you! Please just stay!”

The students were all mesmerized—those two hours were enough to offer a brand new perspective into medicine, and they would hate to see Frank leave!

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