The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 565

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 565-Burp.

Mona was so bloated after finishing two whole pots of pasta that her eyes rolled up into their sockets. It certainly left Carol and Winter spooked, thinking that something terrible had happened to her.

As for Frank, he came up with an excuse to leave Skywater Bay before driving to Grande Pharma.

In the research lab, he used the cauldron Vicky provided to refine the Goldeater Cane. After half a night, he cooked it into two pills with a shining golden sheen, which he swallowed without hesitation.

With his Five-Peat Archaeus technique energizing it, Frank’s eyes shone with a golden radiance as well. The injury from using the Death Eater was slowly recovered, and his near-dried meridian nexus was sparking with golden vigor.

The Goldeater Cane continued to restore his physique toward his peak form three years ago.

After a long while, Frank breathed a quiet bellow, causing the entire building to shake.

The security guards outside jumped in shock, thinking that it was an earthquake when it was just a shockwave as Frank regenerated.

All his frailness before gone, even Frank’s gaze was sharp, and his limbs were brimming with endless energy.

There was a faint whisper as he left the building. “Five Elemental Wonders…

Now, one left.”

When he got his hands on that, he would return to his peak form. Or better yet, improve past it to reach the Ascendant rank!

If that happened, his revenge against the South Sea Four, and his journey to rebuild Mystic Sky Sect was at hand!

Once it was all done, he could proudly stand before that geezer and tell him that his choice was right, and that he did not need anyone to plan or dictate his own life!

  • The next day, Frank took Winter to her campus, as part of a promise to go out with her.

Naturally, Mona was with them, and they also met up with Jean Zims at the school gates.

“Do you have a few screws loose, princess?!” Jean was pinching Winter on the thigh and nibbling her ear as soon as she got in. “It’s called a date, but you’re bringing me along with another fourth wheeler?”

Mona was riding shotgun and appeared to find everything a novelty.

Jean glanced at her and sighed in disappointment as she shot Winter a deflated glare.

“No, forget the fourth wheeler—you’re letting her ride shotgun too?!” she snapped even as she pointed at the gates of Riverton University. “You’re taking your date to school?! How does your mind function, princess? I’m so done with you!”

As Jean collapsed to her seat and rolled her eyes, Winter made an innocent face, grumbling, “But you told me that the medical professor took time off, so you said Frank could try giving a lecture. I asked, and he said yes.”

It only left Jean’s jaw dropping at a further loss of words.

Eventually, she sighed, “With that pea-sized brain of yours, the world would end before you actually get a boyfriend.”

Soon, all four of them headed to the medical department and arrived at the head of the department’s office.

Mr. Zims was a slightly balding, pudgy man wearing glasses, and he regarded Frank with a skeptical look. “Ms. Zims, are you sure this gentleman is wellversed in medicine?”

After all, Frank was a very young healer, and it was a first for the head of department. He also went against anyone’s mental image of a healer, who would have been working in the field for decades.

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