The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 558

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 558-Frank’s hand shot forward like a missile.

Bocek, who was spinning in the air after Frank sent him flying, felt Frank’s fingers around his shoulder.

The audible crack of his bones soon ensued, and Bocek’s shoulder was crushed.


His elderly composure all gone, Bocek screamed hysterically as the single strike maimed him.

Still, he was Skyrank’s fortieth, and he quickly reimagined his senses, gritting his teeth as he retaliated with rapid kicks.

“Moonbreaker Drive!”

Bocek’s legs must have struck ten places at once. The air was bursting audibly as pure vigor shot away from his body, aiming straight at Frank’s face.

“Too slow! Is that all the Skyrank’s fortieth can do?!”

Frank scoffed as he took one step back, once again replicating Bocek’s technique. “Moonbreaker Drive!”

Pow! Pow! Pow!

While Bocek kicked ten times in an instant, Frank kicked fifty times within the same duration.

Moreover, with death aura augmenting each kick, Bocek felt as if icicles were stabbing him all over his body.

He screamed as he was sent flying again and dropped to the floor, rolling limply like a pile of mush.

“Dad!” Quinn was utterly terrified to see that her father did not even last a round against Frank and leapt to her father’s side, holding him in her arms as she bawled.


Frank was ready to end both of them but suddenly felt a turbidness churning and ejecting out of his meridian nexus.

Frank’s face fell, but he managed to stop the blood within that was threatening to eject out of his mouth.

He had yet to fully recover after all—the three Elemental Wonders he had cultivated only propelled him to Birthright rank, which was far from his peak form.

And then there was Aria’s poison, which he had yet to dispel completely.

Either disadvantage was severe, especially since he had forced himself to cast Death Eater, which severely wore down his body.

That was when Quinn leapt toward Frank, grasping the hem of his trousers as she pleaded, “Please, I’m begging you, Mr. Lawrence… I won’t try to hurt you anymore! I’ll leave with my father and not get involved in Sage Lake Sect’s business anymore, and I’m your humble servant! I’ll do anything you ask me to —just let us live!”

Her eyes welled up with tears as she kowtowed repeatedly, not even noticing her forehead skin breaking and bleeding.

Frank would eliminate this threat once and for all, but he was at his limit.

If he kept fighting, he would suffer irreversible internal injuries, and he would be reduced to a normal person like he had been three years ago.

Frank sighed at that—such was fate!

“If you cripple your meridian nexus and give up the Goldeater Cane, I’ll let you live! Of course, this won’t happen if you cross me again!”

Quinn felt salvation from his very words, and without another word, she struck herself viciously as Frank looked on.

Her face turned pale as she bled from every orifice, and she withstood her pain to level a miserable look at Frank. “The Goldeater Cane is outside the rear gates, Mr. Lawrence. You just have to retrieve it yourself.”

Once could be a fluke, and twice could be a coincidence.

But this was the third time, and Frank had thoroughly crushed Quinn’s pride.

Now, in her mind, he was the devil incarnate—the one person she would never beat.

For the sake of her survival, she no longer bore any enmity toward him—all she wanted was to run as far away as she could from him and ideally never see him again.

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