The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 553

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 553-Kim cried, “Grandfather!”

Even before she could reach him, around thirty black-clad men leapt into the compound..

They moved in perfect synchrony, all armed with weapons meant to kill as they encircled the White family.

Kim even saw one of them dragging Liv over, though she did not appear hurt aside from passing out.

That was when Eron was being brought in from the guest room—one of the black-clad men held a machete against his neck, his mask already removed.

“Dad, what’s happening here?!” Kim demanded right then.

Eron’s face was pale, and he could not do much aside from sighing. “I think there’s been a misunderstanding between us and Sage Lake Sect… But don’t worry! Just one call to clear the air, and everything will be fine.”

“Is this because of Frank?” Kim voiced her hunch right then.

“You’re still thinking of that bastard?!” Eron growled viciously. “He might be the one who set us up! That’s why Mr. Zayas is here! If you still consider me your father, never mention his name again and properly marry Maron, or our family will suffer! We might end up like the Yaffe family!”

“Shut up!” Jorg barked, and he whipped out his phone to dial Bocek Ocean’s number.

“Sir, Eron White wants to talk to you. Yes, yes, I know.”

Jorg nodded respectfully and turned on his phone speaker, sneering as he threw his phone to Eron.

Eron frantically caught it, and as everyone in his family watched, he began gingerly, “Mr. Ocean? Mr. Zayas has just stormed my house with his men.

There’s got to be a misunderstanding—”

“No, there isn’t,” Bocek’s cold voice boomed from the other end, and everyone heard him laugh. “First of all, I must thank you for luring Frank Lawrence into our trap, Eron. But I regret to inform you that you and your family will have to die.”

“What? Why?”

Eron was stunned by Bocek’s cold words, glancing in disbelief at his daughter even as he pleaded, “Sir, didn’t you promise to introduce my daughter to Maron once Frank falls into your trap? Wouldn’t he be interested in a natural beauty like her?”

“Hmph.” Kim sneered in disappointment as she watched her father lick Bocek’s boots, her gaze showing nothing but disdain.

“Haha!” Bocek roared with laughter over the phone mocking Eron as everyone in the family listened.

, “Are you dreaming, Eron? I’d even acknowledge your daughter’s beauty, and she really had a shot of marrying Maron, even earning his favor. But the most important question is… Are you really worthy?”

That question left Eron dropping to the floor in his room, murmuring, “Mr.


“Well, I’m hanging up now—I still have shit here to deal with.”

Bocek chuckled coolly before asking lightly, “Wait, do you want to know why I want your family gone?”

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