The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 52

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 52-Henry said, “Me? I’m feeling just fine. What is it?” Helen breathed a sigh of relief–the Ichor Pill was clearly not the issue. “No, I was just asking.” “And why would you suddenly ask?” Henry was curious–they had just seen each other hours ago.

Such concern was out of place, even from Helen.

The way she put it made it seem as if they had been apart for months!

“I gave Lyndon McCoy the other Ichor Pill,” Helen admitted. “His condition worsened after that… I don’t know if it’s the pills, or if Lyndon’s condition is just too critical.” Henry smacked his lap at her words. “It’s definitely the pills.” Helen was confused. “B–But you took it yourself.” “Pfft.” Henry snorted in disdain. “That’s bullshit. Frank’s the one who saved me, not that what’s–his -name. Where are you now?” “The McCoys locked us up,” Helen admitted. “They probably won’t free us if Lyndon doesn’t recover.‘ “Oh, you…” Henry sighed in disappointment. “Just try not to upset them further. I’ll try to get you out.

With that, he hung up, leaving Helen spacing out.

Frank had indeed been in the room when her grandfather was saved.

But what about Gerald? Was Frank the one he and his associates were consulting too?

She really doubted that Frank had that caliber!

Meanwhile, Frank received a call from Henry and cursed Helen’s stupidity under his breath after Henry told him the whole story.

Still, there was no way he could ignore it when Henry was asking, and he hurried to the McCoys‘ residence.

He told the security guards at the gates, “Tell your masters that I’m here to treat Lyndon McCoy.” The security guards presumed that he was the healer called upon and allowed him in without delay.

However, as they escorted him inside, Rocco was left dumbfounded when he saw Frank. “Who the hell are you?” “Helen’s husband,” Frank replied.

All he wanted was to treat Lyndon and be done with the whole mess, so he did not especially care Chapter 52 about the difference between husband and ex–husband.

“I heard she gave your father an Ichor Pill, but it caused his condition to worsen and they’re still trying to save him.” “Yes,” Rocco nodded. “So you’re Helen Lane’s boy–perfect, you saved me the trouble of looking for you. See, if anything happens to my dad, you and every Lane will be buried with him.” Frank sighed. “I understand how you’re feeling, young man. However, there’s no need to get too agitated–I’m here to save your father.” Rocco was taken about. “You? How?” Frank pulled out a wooden case from his pocket and threw it to Rocco. “There’s an Ichor Pill inside. Give it to your father as soon as possible–he’ll recover in under six hours.” Rocco caught the box and opened it to find it was the exact same pill Helen had given his father.

Convinced that Frank was no different from Helen, Rocco growled, “Did you fucking think I’d fall for the same trick twice?!!!

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