The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 39

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage Chapter 39-Annoyed, Tidus snapped angrily, “How much do you want?! We can pay you– just name your price!” Frank snorted in disdain. “Money is pointless to me.” “Then what is it that you want?” Norman demanded–there was someone in this world who did not want money? Laughable!

“A Myriad Hue Snow Lotus from Sky Peak,” Frank replied, “or a Radiant Panacea Cap of the South Sea. Do any of you have it?” “What…” Both items Frank mentioned were rarer than gold–people would go lifetimes without seeing them, let alone possess them.

“I don’t have either,” Tidus replied. “But treat my father, and I’ll do all I can to procure them.” “Are you giving me an IOU?” Frank asked in return.

“We can’t gather them right away,” Tidus explained. “Can’t you give us time?” Just then, Dan glanced at Gerald, who was exhaling more than he inhaled.

If this dragged on, he would be dead before Frank would help.

Stepping up, he said, “Mr. Lawrence, I don’t possess the medicinal ingredients you asked for, but my establishment, Flora Hall, has a long history in Riverton.

We boast a trove of rare materials, and if you treat Mr. Simmons, you may take anything from us without charge.” Everyone turned at once toward Dan, surprised that the geezer was that generous.

Tidus in turn tapped himself on the chest. “And we’ll foot the bill for any medicinal ingredients Mr. Lawrence will need, Mr. Zimmer.” Dan nodded and turned toward Frank. “Mr. Lawrence, this is certainly as sincere as we can be. Please forget our previous differences and help Mr. Simmons.” Frank nodded in satisfaction–that was exactly what he wanted to hear.

Whipping out the pill he had already made before, he threw it to Dan, who caught it.

“W–What’s this?” he asked in shock.

“An Ichor Pill. Feed it to Mr. Simmons, and he’ll fully recover.” “What?! With just that tiny pill?” Kenny exclaimed in disbelief.

“You can give it back if you don’t believe me,” Frank replied.

“W–We believe you,” Dan nodded repeatedly, profoundly terrified Frank would take the pill back.

Hurrying to Gerald, he fed him the pill and waited in silence.

Frank leisurely returned to his rocking chair, while Tidus paced around as he waited with everyone else.

After an hour, color returned to Gerald’s face… until he suddenly coughed out a mouthful of black blood!

“Dad!” Tidus cried, absolutely terrified even as he wheeled on Frank. “Hey, what’s happening to my dad?!” “I knew he’s a charlatan!” Kenny barked, ready to pounce on Frank.

That was when Gerald barked behind them, “Stop!” Kenny turned around, doing a double take. “Mr. Simmons? What…” Gerald was slowly rising to his feet, and Tidus‘ eyes were bulging even as he stared, “Dad…?” Nonetheless, Gerald took a deep breath. Comfort showed on his face, as he had never felt this relaxed! At that very moment, he was convinced about his coronary artery disease

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