The Girlboss Begs For Remarriage Chapter 1080

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs For Remarriage Chapter 1080-“What?!” Frank was taken aback.

The Lionhearts had decided to go to war against the Turnbulls?! But Glen Turnbull had said that the conspiracy against the Turnbulls was planned and executed by Titus Lionheart alone. If the head of the Lionhearts were around, they would not have risked something this dangerous.

Somehow, the Lionhearts changed their mind after a month and were ready to go down swinging?! They were even meticulous enough to plan the destruction of the Lane family… It seemed that the Lionhearts were after him too! “I see…

So that’s how it is…” Frank chuckled coolly after considering his options and took out a reeking black pill and shoved it into Will’s mouth.

“Since you know me, you’d know how skilled I am in medicine. That pill I just fed you is called the Veinbreaker, and you’d need the antidote every week or you’d die in pure agony as every vein you have ruptures.” While Frank’s cool explanation left Will flinching, Frank’s tone soon changed. “Naturally, I’m not killing you just like that—I want you to carry on your business as usual and work against the Lane family as Sif Lionheart instructed. Just pretend that this conversation never happened. Understood?” Will was stunned, but he had no choice but to nod miserably since he would rather live.

He was no fool-he was perfectly aware that he was no longer a pawn of the Lionhearts, but a pawn of Frank’s in his campaign against the Lionhearts.

So what if he could see through everything? Resist? That would just get him killed! At the stime, Frank continued, “Naturally, you’re still inconsequential to me. You can tell Sif about what happened for all I care… the only loss here is your life.” Pausing and flashing a cold grin, Frank added, “But if you want to stay alive, do as I’ve told you to and I will provide you with the antidote.

Understood?” “Y-Yeah…” Will sighed lengthily.

He was not a core member of the Lionheart and had no loyalty toward but them anyway-he had no choice to take Frank’s side since he wanted to live. Content belongs to Św”Alright. Now get up.” Frank pulled Will to his feet and smacked his palm to knock out the fork lodged in his palm.

Then, he patted Will’s shoulder twice, and Will could clearly hear his bones cracking.

It was clear how strong Frank was-Will gritted his teeth in pain but did not dare to make a sound.

chuckled coolly. “Helen is mine, so “And there’s something emine, so et you’d better keep your hands to yourself. This is your first and final warning…” Content belongs to Św”I-I understand. It won’t happen again…” Will nodded repeatedly.

At the stime, he was still in shock, terrified by Frank’s ethods.

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