The Girlboss Begs For Remarriage Chapter 1077

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs For Remarriage Chapter 1077-“Okay.” Cindy nodded, and quickly turned back to the desserts on the table.

On the other hand, Frank was folding his arms before his chest as he watched Will head to the washroom, his gaze darkening. “Hey, what are you looking at?

You’re just jealous, aren’t you?” Cindy gloated smugly, seeing that Frank was staring at Will. “My boyfriend isn’t like you-he’s an actual department head who reviews every corporation’s tender. Do you even know how many people in Zamri have to obey him? All you can do is get into fights and cling to Helen, begging her to get you a job.” She smacked the table repeatedly even as she laughed at Frank. “You’re so screwed-you don’t know anything about having an actual job, do you? And Helen’s arranged for you to be the head of the health and safety department… Doesn’t that mean you’re just a glorified security guard? Oh, you’re killing me! Does your monthly salary even amount to ten

grand?!” Frank snickered at Cindy’s audacity to mock him and was not bothered to retort.

She could say whatever she wanted-Frank was actually more curious about who Will was and what he was scheming by getting close to Cindy.

Closing his eyes so that he looked like he was resting his eyes, Frank extended his senses, focusing his hearing on the washroom. And when he did, he immediately heard Will talking suspiciously over his phone. “Hehe… Of course, I understand… Don’t worry, ma’am. The Lane family is as good as done, and I’ll use this to keep him occupied as much as I can…” Frank glowered right then and muttered to himself, “Ma’am? Who was he speaking to? And who was he supposed to keep occupied? Me?” While his hunch that Will got close to Cindy with ulterior motives was right, Frank calmly listened.

He could hear footsteps as Will stepped outside the men’s room, turning on the faucet, and strode up to Helen when he saw her.

“Hehe, Ms. Lane.” He smiled sinisterly as he moved to stand in her way.

Helen frowned when she saw that look on his face. “What are you doing, Mr.

Zeller?” “Oh, no rush!” Will licked his lips, leering greedily at Helen’s body.

She was certainly a marvel to behold, with her curvaceous figure, her black suit and white shirt that accentuated her bosom, and her thigh highs covering her long fair legs. Will was getting antsy even as he looked, already eager to have a go.

Such beauty was a rare treasure, and he could die happy if he could even get a lick in.

“I’m going if you have nothing to say, Mr.

Helen snappedshaking him off and ready to since she could tell what he ewanted.

“Are you sure about that, Ms. Lane?” Will grinned, whipping out a photo from his pocket.

“What…” Helen froze, but her gaze soon flared.

The photo listed all of Lanecorp’s confidential files with pg exception, and it coulcdeafa severe blow to the company if it was leaked.

“Are you angry? Hehe… Has anyone told you that you’re attractive even when you’re angry? Will chuckled as hewalked up to Helen, reaching for her chin.

Helen, however, avoided him and growled th threateningly, “Keep M hands to youkself, Mr. Zeller, for.” get more than what you bet

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