The Girlboss Begs For Remarriage Chapter 1076

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs For Remarriage Chapter 1076-Frank looked up at him coolly. “What? Can’t I sit here?” Will was at once upsethe was feisty for smeasly bodyguard! “I arranged for Ms. Lane to sit here, as we have a major business deal to discuss.” Will said coolly. “Can sglorified security guard like you afford the consequences if you mess this up for her?!” “Of course.” Frank raised his chin, appearing deliberately mystified.

“What…” Will was left seething.

“Enough.” Helen held up a hand exasperatedly, stopping the men as she sat down beside Frank.

Looking at Will sharply, she said, “My cousin Cindy has taken my laptop. Please return it toif you still have it.” It was certainly her priority, since there were many

sensitive documents and files of Lanecorp saved in that laptop.

It should never be seen by prying eyes, and the company would be hurt if Will were to find out and sell the documents to their rivals.

It might be gover if that happened, especially for Lanecorp’s slimy board members.

“Oh, of course,” Will quickly said, seeing that Helen was quite anxious.

He picked up Helen’s laptop from behind him and passed it to her personally.

“Hehe…” He chuckled. “I’ve been worried since Cindy calledearlier, so I brought it over as soon as I could. It’s my fault, so I’m buying lunch as a way of apology.”

“That’s fine,” Helen said, breathing a sigh of relief after checking that her laptop was fine, and that the documents saved were not moved.

“Are you happy now, Helen?” Cindy giggled from a distance. “Also, I’ve asked Will to bring us here because he has a major deal ready for you.

11ould properly thankanda commission.” S “What is it?” Helen turned to Will, knowing that Cindy was not a reliable source of information.

Will smiled and nodded. “There are et five land lots in the South Zamri development zone that will be auctioned in a week. Hundreds of businesses have already submitted their tenders to compete for those land lots.” Then, glancing smugly at Frank before turning back to Helen, he continued, “And for Cindy’s sake, i can help you get four of those land lots… even five, if we’re lucky!” “Really?!” Helen was delighted, seeing Will’s confidence.

If this deal was a success, not only would Helen accomplish the second task Kallum tasked her with, but Lanecorp would be raking in hundreds of millions.

“Of course!” Cindy puffed her chest proudly. “Will is an appraiser of tenders, and what he says gogs, when it comes to easing those land lots.”

“Oh, I’m really not that impressive, though my recommendation does hold sway,” Will said, his words humble but nothing about his smug expression appeared that way.

“In that case, please do recommend our tender. Lanecorp will soog m submit-” Helen’s bhone started ringing before she could finish, and it was a call from Gina.

“Urgh…” Helen sighed under her breath when she saw the caller and flashed an apologetic smile at Will.

“Sorry, Mr. Zeller: Ineed to take this.”

“Oh, Sure,” Will replied, watching Helen head to the ladies’ room before standing up as well. “What a coincidence. I need the men’s room too, Cindy.

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