The Girlboss Begs For Remarriage Chapter 1075

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs For Remarriage Chapter 1075-Kallum turned pale as despair seized him, his phone sliding off his fingers and landing loudly with a thud.

Cid’s death was certainly traumatic, just as Kallum would never have expected Victor to turn on his son without even giving them a chance to negotiate.

“Frank Lawrence… Helen Lane’s bodyguard? The head of the health and safety department?! W-Who is he?!” He murmured blankly before turning silent.

Meanwhile, Helen and Frank had rushed back to Lanecorp.

They were going to stay out for lunch, but Helen received a call from Cindy, saying that her new boyfriend had arrived with Helen’s laptop.

However, by the tHelen and Frank returned, the newly transferred secretary waiting by the entrance approached them, saying awkwardly, “Ms. Lane, your cousin left half an hour ago. They left an address and asked you to go to them.”

Helen took the note the secretary passed her: it read Grand Coast Hotel.

She almost choked right then-she and Frank hurried back at top speed, but her cousin had calmly left to hang out with her boyfriend.

When she finally composed herself with considerable difficulty, Helen turned to the secretary and asked, “Did she leave a laptop?” The secretary shook her head, leaving Helen speechless.

“Let’s go,” Helen told Frank—she was livid, but they had no choice but to play along with Cindy’s whims and rush over to the hotel with Frank.

There, they found Cindy with a man with greasy hair and thick makeup.

Naturally, the man was none other than Will Zeller, Cindy’s new boyfriend.

When Cindy saw Helen, she stood up, smiling and beckoning enthusiastically.

“Over here! took you so long, Helet englisha lot!” I’ve ordered “Hello.” Will’s eyes lit up with lust as soon as he saw Helen walking over to them, but he smoothly hidit.

t belongs to swer Holding out a hand to Helen, he asked, “And you are…?”

Will then turned to Frank and frowned. “And who’s this?” “Oh, him.”

Cindy pursed her lips again. “Hels Frank Lawrence, a security guard. “”A Frank Lawrence, a security guard.” “A security guard?” Will appeared taken aback, contempt quickly showing in his eyes.

Not even bothered to shake Frank’s hand, he eagerly beckonedtop Helen to take Aseat!

Cindy pursed her lips. “Oh, that’s my cousin Helen Lane, the new head of Lanecorp!” “Oh, Ms. Lane.” Will smiled and nodded. You’re so beautiful, also young and accomplish but et пой Please take good care offrom now on.”

Content belongs to Św”Yeah,” Helen shook his hand nonchalantly in greeting.

Before he could sit down beside Helen, he was left watching as Frank strode up and took Heleh’s seat.”

spowling, he snapped, “That’s Ms.

Lane’s seat.” Frank looked up at him coolly. “What? Can’t I sit here?”

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