The Girlboss Begs For Remarriage Chapter 1055

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs For Remarriage Chapter 1055-Kallum glanced at the other board members and insolently took off his shoes to put his feet on the table, as if he was in his own house.

Snorting in amusement, he then asked, “So? How are you going to confiscate my shares, Ms. Lane? Did you think sverbal threat would intimidate me? Go on, do it-let’s see if you can actually carry out your threat.” The other board members also quickly joined in, voicing their disapproval.

“You’re a fringe member of the Lane family, Helen Lane! Mr. Gaetz has always been in charge here-show srespect!” “Exactly. A woman like you trying to lord over us? You really give yourself too much credit!” “Strutting as soon as you cin and demanding Kallum to give up his seat?! Just stand there and shut up!” “You

can make us coffee since you have nothing to do anyway… And make it extra milky.” As the board members laughed rowdily, Helen’s gaze cooled.

She had been prepared for over a dozen scenarios before she cand was prepared for the worst.

However, the situation was simply worse than that-they were already determined to oppose her.

Not bothered that Kallum refused to give up his seat, Helen took a deep breath and smiled icily.

Since they refused to respect her, she had no reason to respect them either.

After all, she had not been idling for the past week. She had spent most of her tinvestigating other channels, ranging from suppliers, retailers, even bottomlevel employees.

She quickly uncovered many irregularities, and with her years of experience as a business woman, she quickly realized that Lane Holdings only appeared shiny on the outside and was actually hollow on the inside. And the worst of the company were these board members, who were involved in every form of corruption: embezzlement, nepotism, and one of them even paid their gambling debts with company funds.

It was outrageous, to say the least.

And right now, Helen was holding documents compiling the crimes of every board member, gathered over the past week.

Since they did not afford her due respect, she had no reason to say more.

Taking out the document certifying her appointment, she looked at the et board members around the table and said, “First and foremost, you must all understand that I am the majority shareholder here, and the representative of Lane family’s interest. That makesyour chairwoman-you can refuse to comply but I have the privilege to forfeit your stake over Lanecorp.” Kallum simply chuckled and groaned sarcastically, “The majority shareholder? The representative of Lane family’s interest? Oh, my… who do you think you’re talking to, Ms.

Lane? Did you think a sheet of paper would make us comply?” “If any of you have a complaint, put it up with the Lane family,” Helen retorted coolly.

“Well, we don’t have any complaints.” Kallum flashed a sleazy grin. “After all, you’re as beautiful as an angel, and not many would compare… But we’re simply refusing to cooperate.” “Exactly!” A board member quickly agreed. “We won’t cooperate!” “I don’t care what happens in the Lane family, but we have contributed our blood and sweat to Lanecorp… and they’re now suddenly letting swoman walk all over us, telling us what to do?!

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