The Girlboss Begs For Remarriage Chapter 1054

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs For Remarriage Chapter 1054-As the elevator doors opened with a jingle, Helen and Frank strode out.

Helen could hear the rowdy laughter from the conference room, but she remained impassive as she calmly and determinedly strode through the hallway and entered.

The conference room was immediately silent.

As Frank followed Helen in sight, he could see that the board members were stunned by Helen’s beauty, and he heard the subtle gasps.

They had heard that the new chairwoman was a beauty, but not one of such proportions! An ice beauty with a perfect face? She was the ideal subject of

conquest for any man! Their eyes were hence fixed on Helen, unable to look away.

For her part, Helen did not appear upset with the stifling scent of tobacco in the room, and instead strode up to Kallum’s seat while carrying a stack of document folders.

“Mr. Gaetz, was it? Did no one tell you that’s the chairperson’s seat?” She asked impassively at Kallum and quietly added, “And I’m enforcing a new rule-no smoking in the conference room, especially during board meetings.” With that, she snatched the cigar out of Kallum’s mouth and snuffed it out.

Kallum was left dumbstruck-he did not expect that despite being a woman, she went for the blood right away, embarrassing him on the spot.

Helen’s move left the other board members stunned too, but all of them stayed silent in case they upset Kallum, who was on the verge of exploding.

After all, Kallum’s influence in the company was deeply entrenched, and he was backed by many kingpins.

In fact, there were no more than a handful of individuals in Zamri who would challenge him.

And yet, this newly appointed chairwoman would…

Shaking their heads, they could only lament that despite her good looks, she was too dumb to live. “Heh…” Kallum eventually broke the suffocating silence, tapping his fingers on the table while lookat Helen in amusement. “So, you’re the new chairwoman?” Helen could see that he was not moving from his seat but did not flinch and replied sharply, “Yes, I am.” “Then are you aware that this meeting has already been going on for an hour? In other words, you’re late.”

Kallum kept tapping his fingers on the table as he subtly looked up at Helen, intent on misdirection.

He just did not expect her to smile coolly instead of panicking.

She had made it a point to cthirty minutes earlier, and the meeting was never rescheduled.

Kallum was obviously trying to make her look bad.

Moreover, the board members had already taken their seats even before she came, clearly showing her no respect as they did not even prepare a seat for her. Even Kallum’s secretary had a seat, while Helen had to stand-they were all clearly trying to show her who was boss.

Hence, even as Helen smiled, her tone was stern and threatening. “Actually, Kallum, you’re the one who must have been informed that I’m now the head of the Lane family and the chairwoman of Lanecorp have the right to confiscate your shares if you refuse to budge.” “Really? You’ll take my shares?” Kallum chuckled, as if Helen was joking.

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