The Girlboss Begs For Remarriage Chapter 1053

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs For Remarriage Chapter 1053-Kallum Gaetz looked around at the board members sitting around the table and flashed a calm smile.

He even beckoned to his pretty secretary to light his cigar, breathing a large puff before looking up and chuckling. “What’s there to worry about? A woman and a fringe member of the Lane family… Does she think she can be our boss just because she was airdropped on us? Who does she think she is?” His smile then turned dark. “As long as we work together, what can a woman do to us? We just have to band up against her, protesting and refusing to comply with any policy she makes… I really doubt she’ll last against us for a month. In the end, she’ll just recognize reality and return where she cfrom!” Kallum’s suggestion left every other board member giving him a thumbs up. He really was the boss here!

Still, a bespectacled middle-aged man who appeared soft-spoken rose to his

feet. “But what if she proves to be a complete novice and insists on standing against us? We can’t afford to drag this out!” Kallum actually frowned. “Mr.

Briggs, don’t tellthat Accounting hasn’t sorted out the ledgers?” Owen Briggs shook his head. “We just can’t. There’s Mr. Zork’s gambling debt, and then the 200 million dollar project which wasn’t paid for because of the sinkhole incident.

If the new chairwoman looks into it, there’s no way we can hide it.” “Then don’t let her investigate at all!” Kallum waved off Owen impatiently. “Effective immediately, all accounting staff will work from home, and keep every piece of ledger with you!” “Oh, that’s a good idea!” The other board members, who were starting to scowl because Owen’s complaint, were idelighted. Content be immediately englishto “That’s not all either… I still have other plans in place.”

1Kallum added smugly, “If that woman insists on fighting to the bitter end, I show her why one shouldn’t mess with a man in his own turf T’ll get speople to vanisk her, and none would be the wiser. If push comes to shove, there will be a new head of the Lane family and chairperson, but one who’s compliant to us.”

Every other scheming board member gasped, impressed by Kallum’s elaborate plans.

“So? Anyone have any other concerns? That woman will be here soon,” Kallum asked, looking around the table.

As no one spoke, he chuckled coolly.

“To be fair, she does hold a majority of the company’s shares, but if we stand together, we get to decide policy. As long as no one here falters, we’ll be fineand if you do, you know what’s coming for you.” || The other board members were shaking their heads confidently at Kallum’s subtle threat.

“Con, Kallum—we’re all men here. Would we really allow schick to walk all over us?” “Exactly. I wouldn’t even let her warm my bed.” “Hahaha…” As the conference room resounded with sleazy laughter, Frank and Helen arrived

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