The Girlboss Begs For Remarriage Chapter 1052

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs For Remarriage Chapter 1052-Frank chuckled. “There, Ms. Lane. I signed your slave contract.” “Stop messing around. I’m driving!” Helen snapped, but she could not help smiling faintly as she glanced at the agreement. After over two hours of driving, Helen and Frank arrived at Zamri and headed straight for a thirty-floor building.

Alighting and throwing her keys to a security guard on hand to receive her, Helen finally explained why she brought him there. “This is a billion dollar investment company owned by the Lane Family and basically their lifeblood. As the head of the family, I naturally have to take control, but many board members are ganging up against me, refusing to cooperate because I’m a weak girl.” “A weak girl?” Frank snorted, looking at Helen from head to toe.

She was dressed in a business suit that revealed a part of her collarbone and accentuated her lips.

Coupled with her black silk thigh highs, she was an imposing, professional businesswoman who could clearly hold her own. Weak girl was certainly far from the truth.

Helen could see Frank’s doubt right then and sighed exasperatedly. “Look, that’s how my situation is at the moment even if the truth is far from that. I may be the chairperson, but if the board keeps resetting my leadership, I’d lose control over the company and even my shares. Obviously, I wasn’t twiddling my thumbs last week-my plans are already in place, but I’m still concerned that they’d resort to violence.” “Oh, I see.” Frank nodded-so she really was hiring him as a bodyguard.

Helen pouted, seeing his disinterest. “What, so you’re refusing? Or would you rather protect Vicky than me?” “Of course I’ll protect you. I’d take down anyone who dares lay a finger on my wife!” Frank was at once alert at the mention of Vicky, even holding up three fingers to swear.

Helen giggled at Frank’s overly serious reaction.

The security guard nearby was left dumbfounded as he saw that smile after parking Helen’s car.

He had heard this morning that the new chairperson from the Lane family was a beauty, but Helen still surprised him despite being prepared.

“Is she a goddess incarnate…?” He gulped but quickly returned to fool of himself if he kept stet post, worried that he would a “Alright, con,” Helen said just then, suddenly an ice queen again.

Frank followed, looking completely out of sorts in his casualwear and obviously lacking as a bodyguard.

Meanwhile, in the conference room upstairs, over a dozen men were sitting around a meeting table.

One of them was bald and seated at the end. He clearly appeared to be ne the ringleader, listening as another board member with a mustache- growled unhappily, “What are we going to do about this, Kallum? Are we just going to lie down and let sgal walk all over us? “Exactly! Honestly, what was Mark Lane thinking, retiring and appointing a woman as the head of the Lane family?!”

“Well, the agreement we had with Fleur Lang is now completely moot.” “I heard that the Lane family had ssort of incident and allowed a fringe member to take control after. Say Something, Kallum… Are we really going to follow her from now on?

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