The Girlboss Begs For Remarriage Chapter 1051

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs For Remarriage Chapter 1051-Helen was even more busy after being appointed as the head of the Lane family, disappearing for an entire week while reestablishing contact with Trevor Zurich.

Nonetheless, she suddenly showed up at Frank’s hilltop mansion in Skywater Bay one day, dragging him away from the dining table and shoving him into her car to ride shotgun.

“You’re coming withto Zamri,” she said as she handily started the car and drove off, as Winter Lawrence and everyone else looked on in confusion.

“Zamri? Why?” Frank asked, not quite coming to his senses.

“I’m loaning you from Vicky,” Helen said, throwing him an agreement and a ballpoint pen and instructing him curtly, “You’ll be the Lane Holdings’ head of security and my personal bodyguard. Just sign there and seal the deal.”

“Seal the deal?” Frank chuckled as he stared at the stuff on his lap in wry amusement. “What are you up to, my dear Ms. Lane? Am | signing my own death warrant here, and can | say no?”

“Nope,” Helen snapped, exceedingly pushy and jamming her foot on the gas pedal without even looking at him. “If you refuse to sign it, it’s a public execution in the afternoon!”

“Oh, but can you bear to kill me…” Frank muttered under his breath, finally drawing a blush from Helen despite her overbearing attitude.

She snorted. “Stop messing around. | need your help, and it’s important.” “Really?” Frank asked as he flipped through the agreement nonchalantly and suddenly realized that he would draw a five million dollar salary.

Raising a brow, he feigned indignation. “Now, now, Ms. Lane. You’re rich, and you’re only paying your husband five million? Aren’t you underpayinghere? I’d be really discouraged with such low pay!”

As Frank closed the agreement without signing it, Helen sighed exasperatedly.

“You’re just a department head—that salary is way above standard market value. | can’t bend the rules… and my money is yours anyway…”

Helen trailed off, her voice exceedingly soft.

“What was that?” Frank laughed as hard as he could on purpose. “The car engine is too loud. | couldn’t hear you!”

“I didn’t say anything!” Helen snapped, at once embarrassed, angry and punching Frank. “If you don’t want to sign it, fine! I’ll get someone else to be my personal bodyguard, and we will have to cohabit!”


Frank suddenly turned solemn. “That won’t do. It’s absolutely unacceptable for my wife to cohabit with another man!”

With that, he signed the agreement.

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