The Girlboss Begs For Remarriage Chapter 1048

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs For Remarriage Chapter 1048-Even Gina and Cindy were sitting among the rich and important guests.

Frank, Helen, Vicky, Trevor, and the other hosts of the event soon went onstage amid applause, with Frank taking the microphone from the emcee and smiling at everyone.

“Thank you everyone for coming to the opening ceremony of this humble resort.

Lane Holding’s farm resort is now officially open for business, and we offer a fivefold refund to any guest who decides that the therapy and entertainment, which our commercials promise, is fake! Either way, I hope that everyone here has the best of health—enjoy!” Thunderous applause ensued, after which Helen and Vicky gave short speeches as representatives of their respective companies too.

Then, once the ribbon-cutting ceremony, the farm resort was officially in business.

Noel soon got onstage for her concert, accompanied by an all-girls band, consisting of Kat Yego, her best friend Lily York, Rosa the keyboardist, and Yuri the drummer.

Though Noel was an actress, she was a good singer too. Her voice harmonized perfectly with Lily’s, livening up the atmosphere.

The farm resort was a huge success, raking in 1.2 billion dollars on the first day and affording Helen’s tense nerves relief. She picked a spacious private hot spring and had a dip with Vicky.

The green water almost seemed magical.

It was Vicky’s first ttrying the hot spring. It did not take long when she noticed that she was suddenly brimming with energy, while all the fatigue building up over the last few weeks was gone.

Even her skin that seemed to appear dull because she stayed up overnight was now bright like a newborn’s, and she felt a freshness she could not quite describe.

“Oh, you girls are getting started already? I’d really like to live here if I could.”

Noel arrived in her bikini just then, slowly entering the large pool and sighing in satisfaction.

Her bikini was certainly more explosive than Vicky or Helen’s, baring her fair, pronounced cleavage.

Frank and Vicky had been impressed with Noel’s figure the first tthey met her.

And now, Helen and Vicky were trading glances, and able to see the shock and jealousy in each other’s eyes.

“Are you in there, Vicky?” Winter Lawrence soon arrived with her best friend Jean Zims, and the ladies all welcomed them.

Suddenly, the hot spring was a little congested, as Kat arrived with Lily as well “Woah, are those real?! Gosh, your body is out of this world, Ms. York!” Content belongs to Św”Ms. Turnbull?” “Ah, Yara. I’m here!” Vicky leaned against the poolside and shouted into the changing room when she heard her best friend cum ov bodyguard. Content belongs to Św”Ms. Turnbull… Eh? Why are there so many people here?” Yara Quill and JZimmer entered just then, covered in nothing but towels and ready to leave when they saw that there were plenty of people. Content belongs to Śwne et “Oh, you’re here already—just stay,” Vicky ushered them enthusiastically.

As Yara and Janet—who had surprisingly long legs-got into the pool, it was now thoroughly congested.

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