The Girlboss Begs For Remarriage Chapter 1032

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs For Remarriage Chapter 1032-Secrecy was unnecessary at this point, and Gable was even laughing darkly.

“Yes, we burnt down your shitty farm resort. I don’t mind telling you that since you’re both dying here!” “I see.” Frank turned to glance at Helen’s car before smiling at her. “The car camcorder is on, right? Is what they said recorded?”

“Yeah.” Helen nodded, hiding a smile behind her palm.

She was surprised Frank was cunning enough to think of that.

Moreover, she was not afraid at all anyway-if the goons and thugs of Morhen could not even reach him, Clark and Gable’s friends certainly would not.

On the other hand, Gable did a double take in surprise after hearing that his words were recorded.

However, he soon regained his confidence and snapped coolly, “So what if you recorded us? We’d just have to kill you and set fire to your car. We won’t leave any evidence, so no one would know a thing!” “I see… You’ve really thought this through!” Frank smacked himself on the forehead tically but soon narrowed his eyes and sneered. “But doesn’t that apply to you too?” “Hahaha!!!” Clark and Gable laughed at Frank’s question, pointing at him as they mocked him. “You’re not very bright, are you?! Look around! We have you surrounded, or are you saying you can handle twenty of us by yourself? There’s fearlessness, and there’s ignorance! Maybe quit watching those stupid movies, kid!” Frank was not particularly upset by their ridicule, even nonchalantly turning to find Luna on her knees nearby.

He raised a brow in surprise. “Helen, don’t tell me…” “Yeah, used like a tool.”

Helen glanced at Luna too, and shook her head in disdain.

“Oh, makes sense.” Frank chuckled, even as Luna gave him a pleading look.

Then, he strode forward and looked al with a smile. “So, are y at once, or would you fer coming doing it one on one?” w “Hmph. He really isn’t that bright.” Clark snorted at Frank’s nonchalant reaction and beckoned at his goons. “Kill bim!

Don’t hold back… Then, you can have Helen!” Content belongs to Św”Alright!”

That was exactly what the goons were waiting for. They were all sneering savagely as they charged at Frank, machetes raised.

“All at once it is, then.” Frank simply ne nodded thoughtfully, just as his expression turned solemn. “I would have det y’all live on any other occasion…

But you’re all dying now!” Then, turning to Helen behind him, he said, “Get into the car and close your eyes.” “Oh, okay.” Helen hurried into the car tamely and wound up the car window.

Naturally, she did not close her eyes and was instead staring at her man worriedly.

Even if she knew those goons would not be able to lay a finger on Frank, she still could not help but worry.

Her heart would break if he got hurt, and Vicky would not let her hear the end of it.

Still, she soon realized that she was worrying too much.

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