The Girlboss Begs For Remarriage Chapter 1031

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs For Remarriage Chapter 1031-Naturally, the drowsy man who alighted was none other than Frank himself.

Helen was no fool-everything about this was suspicious, as not only did Luna call her in the middle of the night, but she was also telling Helen to hurry back to Laneville.

If Mark was really looking for her, he would have asked Gavin to make contact.

While Helen was afraid to ask, she thought about it and decided to bring Frank along.

He just happened to be sleepy and was lying down for a nap on the backseat, which in turn kept him out of sight.

However, while Clark, Gable, and their goons were taken aback as Frank alighted, Clark soon recovered.

Leering at Frank gleefully, he chuckled. “Oh, Helen… So that’s your lowlife exhusband, huh?” “Highwaymen… blocking the road?” Frank was jolted to his senses by Clark’s mocking and pointed at himself blankly. “Lowlife ex-husband?

You mean me?” “Hahaha… Look around you. Is there anyone else here?” Clark, Gable, and their goons were all laughing at Frank’s delayed reaction.

Nonetheless, Frank calmly met Clark’s leer and replied solemnly, “First of all, there are plenty of lowlifes around here, and I’m not the worst of them.” “Also…”

Frank then grinned and pulled Helen toward himself by her waist. “I’m not her ex-husband.” “Oh, you…” Helen blushed even as she felt the warmth of his hand on her waist, suddenly shy like a maiden despite being the ice queen CEO of Lane Holdings.

The goons were certainly left dumbstruck.

“Shit, Clark! That’s amazing… We have to get a taste!” “Exactly. You can’t blus for this!” Clark did not respond to the goons’ sleazy catcalls, because he was busy being sleazy too.

Even if Helen was his niece, she was just beautiful beyond words! Hell, there were not many women across Draconia who could match her beauty, let alone Riverton! “Really? You intend to dishonor my woman?” Frank strode up, shielding Helen behind let 2. poverimself as he smiled at the around him. “Did you ask for permission first?” belongs to english”Fuck off. Who needs your permission?” “Exactly. Who do you think you are?” “Let’s see if you can still talk tough when we cut off your arm!” The jeers around Frank left him exasperated.

He paused for a moment before ward Clark and Gable, wet clearly the leas 2014 asked, “So, who are you two?” “They’re my uncles, Frank,” Helen quickly said. “They’re the ones who burnt down the farm.” “Really?” Frank rubbed his chin, chuckling.

This was perfect-if they were in Laneville, he would not have an excuse to deal with these two. However, they had to present themselves gift-wrapped like this…

talk about unfortunate timing.

Moreover, he was not particularly busy now that he was done refining the herbal bath extract, and he was now studying Clark and Gable with a look amusement.

“So, you’re the who burnt down the farm?” “Yes, we did.” Gable laughed darkly.

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