The Girlboss Begs For Remarriage Chapter 1026

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs For Remarriage Chapter 1026-Neither Clark nor Gable avoided Luna when they saw her.

In fact, Gable actually approached her and asked, “You can’t stand Helen too, can you?” Luna was taken aback for a moment but was soon glowering. “Yeah.”

Helen had always held herself head and shoulders above her, and her patience was more than used up as she remembered how pompous Helen had been tonight.

All she wanted was an opportunity to express it! Clark and Gable traded glances in turn and saw the delight in each other’s eyes.

You cannot always get what you want, but if you try, sometimes you get what you need! They had just been discussing what they were going to do about

Helen, but they were missing a key part-something or someone they could use to catch Helen off guard.

As long as Helen ‘vanished’, the brothers would ultimately take ownership over the farm.

They had certainly been coveting it for a while, and they hated their father for denying them all this while.

If that geezer would just give them that piece of land, they would use the capital he gave them to establish an entire industrial zone. At the very least, they would not fall into their current sorry states! That was why they were furious when they returned. They were going to ask their father for more money and that farmland, only to learn that he had given that land to Helen… and for sm resort! iel It was rightfully theirs, but their father would rather give it to some… nobody! That was why they had called in their old thug friends, catching Trevor Zurich off guard to vandalize the farm resort.

They broke what they could and burnt what they could not break, inflicting devastating losses upon the farm.

Naturally, they did not care-as long as Helen’s farm resort failed to take off, the farmland would be theirs eventually.

Nonetheless, their spite for Helen only grew as Madam Lang told them. that Helen was offered the candidacy as the next head of the Lane family. At that point, they wanted her to disappear and be done with it! Back at the present, Gable pursed his lips in worry as he asked Luna, “Are you willing to let soutsider becthe next head of our family? And a woman at that?” “That’s right!” Clark goaded. “If we let Helen Lane lead, we will all suffer and you’re no exception-just look at the way she treated us today and how arrogant she was behaving!”

Luna, who already hated Helen to the bone, nodded worriedly. “Yeah. It’ll be over forif she becomes head of the family. We’ll suffer from anything we do from now on.” Then, her tone changed sharply. “Do you have any way to stop her?”

“Of course!” Gable grinned, his eyes flashing coldly. “Do you have any way to call her out alone, ideally without anyone else knowing? We can make her disappear if possible!”

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