The Girlboss Begs For Remarriage Chapter 1025

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs For Remarriage Chapter 1025-As the vibes at the dinner soured, Mark was about to start shouting when Helen rose to her feet.

Holding her wine glass between her fingers, her eyes were staunch and determined as she spoke, “Dear uncles-I can understand how you can doubt the success of others. After all, both of you are incompetent, and you’re convinced that everyone else is no different. I’m not afraid of admitting that I owe much of my success to my husband Frank Lawrence, but even then, I wouldn’t give up the way either of you had.” Both Clark and Gable scowled even as Helen continued to disparage them. “I mean, losing all of granduncle’s money and then coming hacting like you still own the place? I’m a woman, but at least I know shand acknowledge my own shortcomings instead of resorting to cheap insults or personal attacks.” Then, turning toward Luna, she smiled faintly. “As for you,

should I tell everyone about the inspection at Morhen and the friend you met online, who supposedly owned a construction company?” Her clear threat left Luna hanging her head fearfully. She certainly did not want her grandfather to find out, or the candidacy as the next head of the Lane family her grandmother fought so hard to get for her would go up in smoke.

“At least you know your place, so I’ll spare you for now.” Seeing that Luna was silent, Helen nodded before turning back to Clark and Gable with a glare of contempt. “Dear uncles, I know that both of you have beef with me, even destroying the farm resort just to get back at me. However, lettell you this-such cheap tricks won’t stop me. If anything, it makescare even less about either of you.” “I wouldn’t have cat all if not for Granduncle’s invitation, because it embarassesto share a table with either of you. If anything, Granduncle was right… You’re both pricks.” With that, Helen chugged her glass and strode off proudly.

Clark was glaring at her even as she disappeared from the doorway, his face contorting as his rage burgeoned.

“Fuck!” he bellowed as he crushed the wine glass he was holding.

Gable was glowering too, the gears in his mind turning.

He was the one who had arranged for their goons to burn down the farm resort, after all-he was the brains to Clark’s brawn, and be was really good at scheming. S Mark snorted just then and clapped his hand on the table. “Helen’s right-the farm was my life’s work but you pricks had to burn it down out of petty jealousy! Try something like this again, and I’ll kill you both myself!” With that, he stood up and started to leave with the help of a servant.

“Dad, I…” Clark began.

“Don’t callthat!” Mark bellowed at him efore he could say more et him silent and awkwardly hanging his head.

to englisht belongs SW However, the rage in Clark’s eyes never faded as he growled through his teeth, “Helen Lane… You asked for this…” On the other hand, Gable was silent as he quietly hid in a corner, hatching a plan.

After the dinner, Luna was taking a stroll in the gardens when she ran into her uncles having a chat.

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