The Girlboss Begs For Remarriage Chapter 1004

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs For Remarriage Chapter 1004-Sighing lengthily and forcing a smile, Kat said, “Master Lawrence, | know you’re amazing… Don’t worry. | won’t hold my father’s injury against you, and there’s only so much that anyone can do. At least he’s alive and recovering.”

“I’m not lying,” Frank said dryly with a frown, but he had no idea how to make her believe him.

“Oh, | believe you, bro.” Matis chuckled, coming over to throw an arm around Frank’s shoulder. “Don’t worry—I’ll call Mr. Sorano himself and ask him to cover soon, and then I’ll get you a nice, cozy cell in a mental asylum. Maybe sshock therapy will

bring you back to reality.”

“I can’t do anything if you don’t believe me.” Frank sighed and shrugged.

He expects the Soranos to arrive and apologize soon, or at least send someone over.

That was why Frank did not want anyone else here—if the Sorano decided to go full scorched earth and sent their forces to attack them, Kat and the others would be a burden.

But he had now seen through Nash’s relatives. They were not here to show their concern for Nash—they just wanted to flex their sense of superiority, even though it was worth nothing in Frank’s perspective.

On the other hand, Mel could see that Nash had been quiet throughout, and she walked up to his bed with a smile. “Nash, why don’t you entrust my sister’s heirloom to me? As you can see for yourself, you’re in no state to watch over anything. Don’t worry, though. Matis is now an important man, and he’ll get you justice! | promise you —we won’t lay a finger on it. It’s just for safekeeping, and we’ll return it to Kat when she’s older and stronger.”

Frank was surprised for a moment but soon sneered subtly.

So, in the end, these relatives did not just want to show off—they were also after sheirloom Nash was keeping.

Kicking a man when he was down… talk about being despicable.

“What heirloom?” Kat turned to her father in surprise—she had never heard anything about that.

“Absolutely not.” Nash shook his head, determined and clearly not even bothered to discuss it. “The heirloom is lo’s keepsake, and | won’t give it off to anyone. | know why you’re here in the first place, but you can give up because I’ll never give it to you.”

Mel’s face fell when she saw how determined Nash was, but she forced a smile as she made one last attempt. “Please, Nash. We bear no ill will, and my sister has been gone for so long. We have a right to get a cut of what she had, don’t you think?”

All her fawning ended up thrown back in her face—even as Nash hacked violently, he bellowed, “Why don’t you search your conscience, Mel Gunnar?! Is there anything else lo left that | haven’t given you already?! Do you think you’d enjoy your current lifestyle without her fortune?! Would Matis have becwho he is today?! | asked for nothing in return, aside from fulfilling lo’s last wish, but you’re still obsessing over it after all these years! Do you even have a heart?!”

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