The Girlboss Begs For Remarriage Chapter 1003

The Girlboss Begs for Remarriage

The Girlboss Begs For Remarriage Chapter 1003-Seeing the look on her son’s face, Mel promptly leapt to his defense.

“Why are you snapping at us, Kat? We’re not the ones who hurt your dad,” she reasoned, not forgetting to deflect. “Shouldn’t you be asking who did this to your father?”

“Exactly,” Matis quickly chimed in. “We’re doing this out of the goodness of our hearts for your father’s sake. We’re concerned.”

“We don’t need your help or concern!” Kat retorted bluntly.

“Don’t worry,” Frank assured her quietly, having no choice just then. “I went to Sorano Estate myself yesterday. Willy will cto

apologize personally today—he’d be dead if he doesn’t.”


Matis gaped but soon clapped Frank on the shoulder as he laughed.

“Oh, con… you really should know when to give up!” He sneered while leering at Kat sympathetically. “See, Kat? Your guest can really make shit up… going to Sorano Estate and threatening Willy Sorano to apologize? He’d die if he didn’t? Pfft…”

He was laughing too hard to continue, while Mel was smirking as well. “Exactly.

Who do you think Willy Sorano is? Who are you in comparison? Oh, wait—your last nis Lawrence. Could you be from the Lawrence family, one of the Four Families of Morhen?

Their scion?”

“I’m not,” Frank replied, impassive.

“Oh, but you could say that you are!” Matis laughed. “You went so far as to say Willy would apologize personally. It’s really nothing if you kept dressing it up… Oh, and do you have ssort of important connection?

Why don’t you tell us how you made it inside?

Con, we’d all like to hear what you’re going to say!”

Seeing that everyone including Kat and Nash were watching him, Frank sighed and said quietly, “lI walked inside myself.”

“Hahaha!!!” Matis roared with laughter and turned toward Kat and Nash. “You hear that? He walked inside! The homestead of one of the Four Families of Morhen, by snobody! Shit, you’re just amazing…”

Matis started clapping sarcastically, clearly doubting Frank.

Even Kat actually thought Frank did not make sense—the Soranos were one of the Four Families of Morhen, and they had many powerful retainers under their command. While she knew that Frank was powerful, was he capable of storming Sorano Estate all on his own, even coercing Willy into apologizing?

It certainly sounded like a fantasy, and Frank had to say it solemnly as if he was not lying.

Sighing lengthily and forcing a smile, Kat said, “Master Lawrence, | know you’re amazing… Don’t worry. | won’t hold my father’s injury against you, and there’s only so much that anyone can do. At least he’s alive and recovering.”

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