The Ex-Husband’s Revenge chapter 324

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge chapter 324

Iris covered her mouth and laughed. She could not help and save Leon when she saw Leon was stupefied

because of Louisa.

“Iris, I’m just kidding with him. Why are you in a hurry to protect him? You’re not in a relationship with hi m anyway,” Louisa giggled and started to make fun of Iris.

“Nonsense! I… I’m not protecting him.” Iris’s cheek became rosy as she felt embarrassed by what Loui sa


“Oh? I thought you’re feeling sorry for him!” Iris continued like a child daring to do great mischief.

“You… You keep on talking rubbish. I don’t want to speak with you anymore!” Iris was so shy that she g ave Louisa a fierce glare. After that, she took an Energy Nurturing Pill and ate it.

Looking at Iris’s exquisite and pretty face, Leon was attracted to it. He secretly gave Louisa a thumbs c omplimented in his heart, ‘Louisa’s so awesome. She didn’t fail my expectation!‘



Louisa winked and both of them said nothing about it.

After the round of jokes, three of them each took an Energy Nurturing Pill. The pill melted as soon as th ey put it in their mouths. It turned into pure true energy that flowed right into their bodies.

“Wow! I think it’s working. Leon, where’d you get this good stuff?” Louisa knew quite a lot of things abo ut martial arts. Nonetheless, she never expected there would be an alchemical pill that could increase t rue energy. Her eyes glowed as she quickly had her eyes fixed on the white jade bottle in Leon’s hand.

Leon learned his lessons after Cynthia’s incident. He was alerted immediately. “Louisa, your power leve l is too low. You can only take one in two or three days. You can’t take more…”

“Oh, is that so? I thought it can help me be stronger if I take more…” Louisa said sadly.

“You have to train hard. There’s no shortcut in training.” Leon rolled his eyes.

After that, the three of them sat down with their legs crossed and started to absorb the effect of the Energy Nurturing Pill they ate. The effect of the pill was better if the person’s power level was lower.

With the help of the premium Energy Nurturing Pill, their power level significantly improved. Nonetheles s, they were still far from leveling. After all, there was no use rushing too.

Besides, the two girls already spent the whole night training in Leon’s bedroom last night. It was inappr opriate for them to spend every night in a man’s bedroom even though they were just training.

Thus, after training for two to three hours, Iris used the excuse that Louisa had school tomorrow and dra


With the help of the Energy Nurturing Pill, they only needed to train for two to three hours a day. Overtraining would only do more harm than g

Leon had the same thought too. They only needed to train two to three hours before bedtime and spent two to three hours on Sage Art after getting up in the morning. They could do whatever they w

balance the resting time and training time to level up a person’s mind.

Once your mind was well trained, it would be easier when you are stuck in the bottleneck. Otherwise, it w

For the rest of the days, Leon would go to the Shear Mansion to create Beauty pills, Life– prolonging pills, styptic pills, and so on in the evening. He had to make those preparations for his new co

During the nighttime, he would accompany Iris and Louisa with their training. Sometimes, he would give

Those were relaxing days.

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