The Ex Husbands Revenge Chapter 2984

The Ex Husbands Revenge

The Ex Husbands Revenge Chapter 2984-Damn it!” Levi and the Dragon Guards stopped the Western Boss from running and he was helpless.

He knew that time was running out and he had to escape before Leon eliminated Brahma.

Otherwise, he would be doomed once Brahma was defeated.

After fighting Leon, he was severely injured and one of his arms was broken.

Now, he was grabbing Felton with one arm and could not fight the Dragon Guards.

Hence, he handed Felton to the Head Guardian and signaled him to protect Felton.

“Fermers, heed my order. Get us out of here no matter the cost!” the Western Boss ordered.

Then, he led the Fermers and attacked Levi with a formidable force.

The Fermers each launched a powerful attack at the Dragon Guards in an attempt to escape.

Baam! Baam! Baam!

Instantly, both sides were caught in a battle.

Levi was only in the Advanced Almighty state and should not compare to the Western Boss under normal circumstances. However, the Western Boss was injured and that took a toll on his strength.

Working alongside two Dragon Guards in the Intermediate Almighty state, the three managed to stall the Western Boss.

So long as they managed to keep the Fermers from running until Leon got rid of Brahma, all issues would be resolved.

“It’s over. How can this happen?” Seeing as the Western Boss led the Fermers to escape, his heart sank.

Both Brahma and the Western Boss abandoned him to escape, leaving him alone.

If he was not mistaken, he was doomed.

Naturally, he considered if he should take Rodney had leave like the Western Boss.

However, he soon dismissed the idea.

He was severely injured and did not have the Formers protecting him and it would be challenging to escape with Rodney.

If he truly escaped, Leon may give up on going atter Branma and stopi him.

When that happened, he would still be doomed.

On top of that, his grudges with Leon ran deep and either one of them was destined to eliminate the other.

“That’s it!” His eyes lit up when he saw Iris and an idea emerged within him.

Iris was Leon’s girlfriend and she meant a lot to him.

Since Leon was going after Brahma and the Dragon Guards were fighting the Western Boss and the Fermers, the Thompsons were hardly a threat.

Hence, this was the perfect time for him to capture Iris.

Once he captures Iris and threatens Leon with her, he may be ableto save his life and turn the tables.

Without hesitation, he leaped into the air and charged toward the Thompsons and Iris despite his injuries.

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