The Ex Husbands Revenge Chapter 2982

The Ex Husbands Revenge

The Ex Husbands Revenge Chapter 2982-Meanwhile, Leon stood up and took a Premium Spirit Nurturing Pill with a pale look on his face.

The Hurricane Break was his most powerful technique and it exhausted a tremendous amount of spiritual energy.

Before this, he launched multiple attacks on Brahma, the Southern Boss, and the Western Boss, which cost a lot of spiritual energy as well.

At this point, he was almost out of energy.

The Premium spirit Nurturing Pill was made from spiritual herbs and could quickly replenish his spiritual energy.

“Brahma, you scum. I shall take your life to avenge the Dragon Guards and Scott!” Leon said maliciously.

Without hesitation, he strode toward Brahma, the Southern Boss and the Western Boss as he recovered his spiritual energy.

Each step he took filled the three with fear.

“I-” Brahma’s heart raced as fear overwhelmed him.

He was a criminal who took countless lives, but the more vicious he was, the more he feared death.

It was precisely because he feared death so much that he remained hidden in the central region without getting caught by the Dragon Guards.

Once he realized that Leon was in the Semi-Saint state, he knew they were no match for him now that they were all injured.

Seeing as he was at a disadvantage, he was not about to sit around to wait for his demise.

“Kid, get over yourself. You have the upper hand this time and I admit defeat.

This doesn’t end here!” Brahma immediately decided to retreat.

Ignoring the Western Boss and the Southern Boss, he turned and ran toward the door.

“Master Brahma, you,” Both the Western Boss and the Southern Boss were shocked as they did not expect Brahma to run away.

Leon was too formidable and already injured the three of them.

They would not be able to defeat Leon and if Brahma stayed any longer, he would be doomed.

Brahma was not their family or friend, so it seemed normal ips him to 11 abandon then instead of waiting to die alongside them.

“Running? Not so soon!” Leon scoffed.

Not only did Brahma storm into the Dragon Corps, but he also killed Scott and a few other Dragon Guards.

Leon was not about to let him escape and swung his arm to send threen daggers flying from the back of Brahma to stop him from running.

“Those are poisonous daggers!” Brahma turned around and was instantly terrified.

Those daggers emitted a cold glint and he instantly recognized them.

He already learned from the Southern Boss that Leon was formidabte land passessed poisonous daggers that kitled upon contact.

Not daring to delay, he tilted his body and dodged the daggers.

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