The Ex Husbands Revenge Chapter 2979

The Ex Husbands Revenge Chapter 2979-“Now is the time! Southern Boss, Western Boss, let’s attack all at once to take him down!” Seeing as Leon backed away, Brahma noticed this was the best opportunity to strike and signaled the Southern Boss and the Western Boss.

He was the first to activate his treasure and launched an attack with his brass knuckle.

An attack at the Semi-Saint State emerged from his fist and was sent directly at Leon.

“Take this, Divine Kick!”

“Phantom Strike!”

The Southern Boss and the Western Boss got the message and each launched their most powerful technique, combining their attacks with Brahma’s.

The three attacks merged into one and charged toward Leon with tremendous force.

“It’s over.” The Thompsons and the others paled and their hearts sank at the sight.

Though they felt hopeful after Leon took a direct blow from Brahma, that hope soon turned into despair.

Brahma, the Southern Boss, and the Western Boss were powerful so this joint attack wielded more power and had a wider range.

Leon was just retreating and barely steadied himself, so he was in no position to dodge.

If everything went as planned, Leon would either die on the spot or suffer great injuries.

That seemed the be the only possible outcome.

“Kid, this is the end of you,” Contrary to the devastation from the Thompsons’ end, Rodney and Felton saw the chance for victory once again.

They all knew that Brahma managed to injure Leon and tore his defense.

With Brahma, the Southern Boss, and the Western Boss working together, their combined strength rivaled that of someone in the Saint State.

Even if Leon’s defensive tool was still functioning, he could not possibly fend off this attack.

His luck ran out and he was doomed unless there was a miracle.

However, what happened next shook them to the cores.

“Brahma, let’s settle this! Take this. Hurricane Break!” Leon scoffed.

He pretended that he was retreating under their attack precisely because he was trivingi to keep a distance to launch his next attack.

Everything went smoothly according to his plan and he was not about to show mercy to the three of them.

Reaching both his arms out, he exerted all his strength intahis most powerfultechnique: Hurricane Break.

Countless streams of spiritual energy rose from all directions and joined together to form.a terrifying together to form a tertifying hurricane that charged toward Brahma, the Southern Boss, and the Western Boss.

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