The Ex Husbands Revenge Chapter 2975

The Ex Husbands Revenge

The Ex Husbands Revenge Chapter 2975-Baam! Baam! Baam!

Leon and Brahma were instantly caught up in an intense fight and despite exchanging moves, neither of them seemed to have the upper hand.

After a while, Brahma could tell that Leon was likely in the Peak Almighty State and had a powerful treasure to protect him.

This meant that his strength rivaled that of Brahma and defeating him would not be easy.

Thankfully, treasures could only be used thrice under normal circumstances.

On top of that, Brahma himself was just one step away from reaching the SemiSaint state, which meant he was more powerful than Leon.

Relying on his superior strength, he attacked tirelessly in the hope of exhausting the usage of Leon’s treasure.

Once Leon lost the protection of the treasure, he would be at Brahma’s mercy.

However, reality proved him wrong.

Leon’s overall strength reached the Semi-Almighty State and Brahma was no match for him. Leon was merely holding back as he was wary of the Southern Boss and the Western Boss.

To be safe, he was only using seventy percent of his power on Brahma. In case the Southern Boss and the Western Boss took the opportunity to attack Iris, he could act in time.

Therefore, he failed to defeat Brahma for the time being.

Still, with the speed of the Phantom Steps and the defense of the Mirror of Sovereign, it was impossible for him to lose.

After some time, he began to have the upper hand and Brahma started retreating in a defensive position.

“Damn it! This kid is so annoying!” Seeing as he could not break past Leon’s defense and was at a disadvantage, Brahma’s patience wore thin.

He immediately distanced himself and leaped out of the field to temporarily stop the fight.

“Kid, it’s a wonder that you managed to be so powerful at such a young age. I have to admit that you are something. Unfortunately, you are doomed since you ran into me today. I shall show you what I’m capable of! ” Brahma said coldly.

He flipped his palm and a silver brass knuckle appeared on his hand. Holding it tightly, he swung his fist and a powerful stream of true energy rose from the brass knuckle. The force surged and swarmed Leon within an instant.

“The Semi-Saint state!” Leon was taken aback.

Since he owned the Mirror of Sovereign, he was rather familiar with treasures.

When Brahma wielded such a powerful attack, he could immediately guess that the brass knuckles were likely a treasure in the Semi-Saint State and its power was nearing the Saint State.

This completely caught him by surprise and he realized he underestimated Brahma.

“How powerful!”

“Oh, no! Everyone, dodge!”

Angus, Levi, and the others were shocked as well.

No internet connection, or can not reach OCR serverBrahma’s attack was powerful and had a large range. Not only wasilleon within its range, but also the people behind him.

Thankfully, this attack was not as powerful as the Potential Energy!!

Force wielded if the past and the others were standing quite far away.

Hence, they all managed to dodge the attack fairly easily.

Naturally, Leon did not have such luck and had nowhere to hide.

In the end, he decisively took the blow with the Mirror of Sovereign and maximized his spiridalenergy to shield his entire body. In an armor of his spiritual energy, he braced for impact.

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