The Ex Husbands Revenge Chapter 2974

The Ex Husbands Revenge

The Ex Husbands Revenge Chapter 2974-What? Does that kid have that many tricks up his sleeves? It’s no wonder that neither you nor the Western Boss can defeat him,” Brahma was taken aback.

When the Southern Boss was about to lose to Leon, he was the one who saved the Southern Boss.

At the time, he assumed the Southern Boss was too incapable of losing to Leon.

However, upon learning that Leon had an Advanced technique, powerful treasure, and poisonous daggers, he realized that Leon’s power surpassed his imagination.

He merely underestimated Leon due to his young age.

“Brahma, enough chit-chating. I’ve got an idea of what you are made of. If this is all you can do, prepare to die! Take this. Earthly Plunder!” Leon ignored his surprised reaction and launched the Earthly Plunder again.

A powerful force gathered at the tip of his finger and was sent toward Brahma.

Though he did not know why Brahma was not in the Semi-Saint State, he knew that the lower the level Brahma was in, the easier it would be for him to deal with the three of them.

This was exactly what he wanted.

“Kid, don’t think that you’re the only one with a technique. Take this. SoulPiercing Claw!”

Brahma dared not to underestimate Leon any longer and launched his most powerful technique.

A faint, dark mist rose around his fingers before darting toward Leon with tremendous force.


Following a deafening sound, Leon’s Earthly Plunder and Brahma’s SoulPiercing Claw clashed.

Instantly, Brahma’s attack pierced through Leon’s and charged toward Leon.

Leon repeated the same trick to take the hit with the Mirror of Sovereign.

At the same time, he launched the Double Attack. His trug energy in the Initial Emperor State rose and was sent toward Brahma.

“This again? Kid, do you think I’ll make the same mistake twice? How foolish!”

Brahma mocked.

He already suffered the Double Attack once and was prepared for it.

Hence, he swiftly dodged Leon’s attack and launched,the. cOll Soul-Piercing Claw once again at the spéed of lightning.

“Old man, you are capable, but that’s it!” Leon scoffed.

His actual power could not compare.

to Brahma’s, so he did not have enough time to dodge of counter”

Brahma’s attack. Hence, he stepped forward and executed the Phantom Steps to swiftly move away.

He then turned and charged at Brahma once again

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