The Ex Husbands Revenge Chapter 2973

The Ex Husbands Revenge

The Ex Husbands Revenge Chapter 2973-“What? How is that possible?” Everyone was stunned and rubbed their eyes in disbelief.

They all knew about Brahma’s reputation and thought that Leon would surely lose if he faced Brahma’s attack with a single finger.

To their bewilderment, the outcome was quite the contrary.

Not only did Leon not lose, but he also defeated and injured Brahma.

It was a miracle and they were all stunned.

“That’s weird! Why is Brahma so weak?” Leon did not continue to attack and frowned in confusion.

The Semi-Saint State was technically a part of the Peak Almighty State. Based on the wave of true energy he sensed from Brahma, he could sense that Brahma was in the Peak Almighty State, and did not know if he was truly in the Semi-Saint State.

However, rumors had it that Brahma was in the Semi-Saint State and was not far away from reaching the Saint State.

Yet, through the exchange earlier, Leon had a new perspective on the matter.

Brahma was far more powerful than the Southern Boss and the Western Boss, but he was merely one of the best within the Peak Almighty State and was a step away from reaching the Semi-Saint State.

This contradicted the rumors about him being in the Semi-Saint State.

Instantly, Leon was confused as to why Brahma’s power would be so different from what was described in the rumors.

“Kid, I didn’t expect you to fend off my attack with a single finger. I assume that it’s an Advanced technique!” Brahma steadied himself with a dark expression.

He knew that martial artists in the Almighty State or above could practice martial techniques to maximize their power.

The higher the level of the martial techniques, the more powerful they were.

Based on the exchange earlier, he could tell that Leon’s Earthly Plunder was a powerful technique or Loen would have been capable offending off his attack and injuring him in the process.

“So what if it is?” Snapping out of it, Leon did not deny it.

Though his Earthly Plunder was a spiritual technique instead of gm martial technique, the two were rather similar so Brahma was not entirely wrong.

“I see!” Angus, the Southern Boss, and the others all realized as to why Brahma failed.

In a fight between skilled martial artists, the slight difference could yield completely different results.

Brahma underestimated his opponent and did not use any m technique griLeon, do it was normal for him to be overwhelmed by Leon’s powerful attack.

“Master Brahma, apart from a powerful advanced technique, he also has a defensive treasure in the Peak Almighty State and some däggers with poison that kills upon contact. You have to be careful,” the Southern Boss reminded to prevent Brahma from continuing to underestimate Leon.

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