The Ex Husbands Revenge Chapter 2925

The Ex Husbands Revenge

The Ex Husbands Revenge Chapter 2925-“He’s right.” “With Mister Wolfs help, Arthur has already reached the Peak Almighty State.

With his current strength, the Southern Boss and the Western Boss can’t do anything.”

“If they dare to show their faces here, we will take this opportunity to settle the scores!”

The other elders agreed along.

State and they all knew about it.

In the past, the Thompsons would be more cautious when dealing with the Southern Boss. However, the circumstances changed.

Using the Sun Pill and the Energy Convergence Circle, Leon helped Arthur get to the Peak Almighty state before he left the southern region.

Under normal circumstances, a martial artist in the Peak Almighty State could Given Arhtur’s current strength, the Southern Boss and the Western Boss were no match for him, not the mention the others they brought with them.

The Thompsons were the most powerful family in the southern region, rivaling the Fermers.

Therefore, the men the Western Boss brought with him would not be able to defeat the Thompsons.

In conclusion, the Thompsons had the advantage in every aspect and had no fear for the Southern Boss and the Western Boss.

“Uncle, elders, this isn’t as simple as you think. Apart from warning me, Mister Wolf has also informed me that the Southern Boss has killed someone and taken a rare heavenly herb, a Rainbow Flower. According to his assumption, the Southern Boss has likely used it to reach the Peak Almighty State. If that is the case, it won’t be that easy for US to take the Southern Boss and the Western Boss down,” Angus said grimly.

“What? The Southern Boss has gotten to the Peak Almighty State as well? That could be quite troublesome!” Everyone’s heart sank.

level away, there was a big gap of strength between the two levels.


However, if he reached the Peak Almighty stat like Arthur did, Arthur would not have been able to defeat the Southern Boss.

Apart from Arthur, the most powerful elders amongst the Thompsons were only in the Intermediate Almighty State and no one could rival the Western Boss.

Once a fight broke out, it was unknown who would win.

On top of that, the Thompsons were a big family with elderly and children. This put them at a disadvantage.

Both the Southern Boss and the Western Boss were formidable martial artists.

The Southern Boss resented the Thompsons for causing the downfall of the Spears.

Unfortunately, since the Southern Boss rose to the Peak Almighty State, the strength of both sides was equal.

They would fall deeper into despair if they found out about this

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