The Ex Husbands Revenge Chapter 2917

The Ex Husbands Revenge

The Ex Husbands Revenge Chapter 2917-“Leon, how about this? Cynthia, Ruth, and Snow can stay here. I’ll come with you! I’m just worried about you!” Iris proposed.

“Well, sure! Leon, let Iris come with you. I’ll handle everything related to the sales drive!” Cynthia agreed.

Though she was concerned about Leon as well, she was the president of Cynthion Group and had to host the sales drive.

She could not abandon the sales drive and head to the southern region along with Leon.

Since that was the case, she might as well get Iris to go with Leon.

Iris was Leon’s girlfriend and he treasured her. With her by his side, she would be able to stop him from acting recklessly.

That way, Cynthia could rest assured.

“No way! Iris, I know that you’re concerned about my safety. Don’t worry. The Southern Boss and the Western Boss can’t harm me. I’ll be fine,” Leon said without hesitation and tried to convince Iris otherwise.

“That may be true, but the Southern Boss and the Western Boss are formidable, and you’re hot-tempered. I can’t relax unless I come with you to the southern region. Besides, you tend to get sick after a fight. I can take care of you afterward,” Iris said with determination, refusing to give up.

Since Leon trained in sage art and had plenty of tricks up his sleeves, she still could not figure out the extent of his true strength.

However, Leon would enter the recovery phase after taking the Dragon Pill and he needed someone to take care of it.

She insisted on leaving with Leon because she was concerned for his safety and also because she wanted to take care of him once he entered the recovery phase.

It was a dangerous mission to go after the Southern Boss and the Western Boss and she could not sit tight in the western region while Leon risked his life.

“But,” Leon tried to protest but was interrupted by Ruth.

If possible, she would prefer that Iris go with Leon.

With Iris by his side, she could stop him from fighting recklessly.

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