The Ex Husbands Revenge Chapter 2904

The Ex Husbands Revenge

The Ex Husbands Revenge Chapter 2904-“No way! We won’t leave without Mister Fermer! Leon, since you won’t give up, let’s just see who’s more powerful!” Dorian said without hesitation.

He then turned to Cassius and said, “Cassius, leave Leon to US. We will stall him. The Underwoods will be responsible for rescuing Mister Fermers and his men. Let’s work together so that we can retreat as soon as possible!” Dorian said.

He knew that Leon’s Hurricane Break was far too powerful. If they teamed up against Leon as the Fermers did, Leon would use the Hurricane Break on them.

He was not going to do such a foolish thing.

At the moment, his only option was to surround Leon with his men to prevent Leon from using the Hurricane Break.

However, Leon was too swift and had a defensive tool in the Intermediate Almighty state. Even if he could not use the Hurricane Break, the Grimstons would not be capable of taking him down.

Regardless, Dorian’s intention was merely to rescue Felton and the Fermers and he did not hope he could defeat Leon.

It did not matter if the Grimstons could defeat Leon. They merely needed to stall him and buy time for the Underwoods to rescue the Fermers.

Once Felton and the others left safely, all issues would be resolved.

“Very well!” Cassius immediately got his message and waved his arm, preparing to command his men to rescue Felton.

“Why you!” Leon’s expression darkened.

He was no fool and understood what they meant to do.

As powerful as he may be, he was just one man.

The Grimstons and the Underwoods intended to retreat and did not intend to face him head-on. On top of that, there were plenty of martial artists in the Initial and Intermediate Almighty State amongst his enemies, so they were more than capable of stalling him.

Outnumbered, it would be impossible for him to stop them from rescuing Felton.

Naturally, he had even more powerful tricks other than the Mirror of Sovereign and the Hurricane Break, like the Dragon Pill and poisonous daggers.

Both could easily defeat the group of people before him.

However, there was a recovery period after taking the Dragon Pill.

As for the poisonous daggers, the poison was too strong and would kill upon contact.

Not only was it morally wrong, but it would also ruin the sales drive.

This would hardly benefit him or Cynthion Group.

His heart sank at this thought and he kept searching for a solution to this situation.

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