The Ex Husbands Revenge Chapter 2834

The Ex Husbands Revenge

The Ex Husbands Revenge Chapter 2834-“That’s right. I like Leon! I won’t let a shameless vixen seduce him!”

Renee was too proud to stand being mocked by Candice. Overwhelmed by jealousy, she did not think twice before confessing her affection for Leon.

“What? Renee, is that a joke? It’s not funny!” Leon was shocked.

Renee was the almighty eldest daughter of the Morrisons and the most beautiful woman in the western region, who had countless pursuers.

With what she had, Renee could date anyone she wanted so he never expected her to like him.

This completely caught him by surprise.

However, Renee seemed frustrated so he assumed she was just saying things out of anger instead of saying what she said.

“I,” Renee snapped out of it, unable to regain her composure.

She was inexperienced in love and did not realize how she felt about Leon.

It was not until now that she thought Candice was about to snatch Leon away that the jealousy within her made it impossible for her to deny her feelings.

At that moment, she realized she was in love with Leon.

“I’m not joking. I mean it! Leon, I don’t know when it happened, but I fell for you.

All I know is that I’m happy whenever I’m with you and I want to be with you forever. If you’re willing to accept me, can you make me your girlfriend?” Renee gritted her teeth and summoned the courage to confess her feelings.

Though she was proud because of her beauty and status, she was a straightforward person who was never good at scheming.

Since she realized she was in love with Leon, she decided to simply come clean.

“What?” Leon was shaken by her confession as he initially thought Renee was just fooling around.

To his bewilderment, Renee was telling the truth.

Most importantly, he merely saw Hugo and Renee as friends and he never thought of Renee romantically.

Hence, her confession was utterly unexpected and he was shaken to the core.

He froze in shock, unsure of what to do.

“Leon, will you be my boyfriend or not? Say something,” Renee grew nervous when Leon did not respond.

Suddenly, realization dawned on her when she turned and saw Candice.

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