The Ex Husbands Revenge Chapter 2833

The Ex Husbands Revenge

The Ex Husbands Revenge Chapter 2833-“Why you!” Leon was frustrated that Renee refused to listen to reason, but could not do much as Renee’s accusation was not entirely baseless.

When he was treating Candice, they were in a rather compromising position and coincidentally, Renee saw them.

It was normal for her to misunderstand.

At the moment, Renee stubbornly refused to believe that nothing happened between him and Candice.

Leon did not know where he could begin to explain himself.

Candice took a deep breath and slowly regained her composure due to Leon’s interference.

She knew that this was all just a misunderstanding and if she ended up fighting Renee, this would only deepen the misunderstanding and cause the situation to escalate.

This would hardly benefit her and Leon.

Naturally, it was rude of Renee to repeatedly question her innocence, so she could not accept backing down without putting up a fight.

Suddenly, an idea crossed her mind and she recalled something. “Renee, you are being ridiculous! So what if something did happen between me and Mister Wolf? You are no one to him, so how is it any of your business?” She scoffed and retorted.

“That’s right! Renee, this has nothing to do with you, right?” Leon finally caught upto it.

He was so busy explaining himself to Renee that he did not think much of it.

However, Candice’s words reminded him that Renee was not his girlfriend or a family member.

Even if something did happen between him and Candice, Renee had no right to question it.

“I-” Renee was taken aback and rendered speechless by Candice’s words.

Because of jealousy and her feelings toward Leon, she accused Candice of being shameless.

However, Candice’s retort struck a crucial point.

It was at this moment that she remembered she was not Leon’s girlfriend and that it was up to them to do whatever they wanted.

She had no right to confront Candice, and she could not argue with that.

“Renee, what else do you have to say?” Candice mocked.

Candice was furious and was pleased that Renee was rendered speechless by her words.

“Who said that it’s not my business? I-,’ Renee’s face flushed.

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