The Ex Husbands Revenge Chapter 2832

The Ex Husbands Revenge

The Ex Husbands Revenge Chapter 2832-“‘Renee, you are out of line. I’ll say this one last time. Mister Wolf was just treating me. If you keep slandering me, I won’t let this slide!” Candice was so angry that she was shaking all over.

The embarrassment she felt completely faded.

“You won’t let this slide? I’m curious what a shameless vixen like you can do,”

Renee said in contempt.

Ever since she got to know Leon, she rose to the Intermediate Emperor State with his help.

Amongst the youngest generation, apart from Hugo and Felton, not many could compare with her, and she had nothing to fear from the likes of Candice.

After spending time with Leon, she gradually started developing feelings for him.

Candice “seduced” Leon and even threatened her. For someone as proud as Renee, there was no way she could let this slide.

If Candice dared to attack, she could take this opportunity to teach Candice a lesson and show her the consequences of acting shamelessly.

“Why you!” Candice was furious.

Unable to suppress her anger any longer, she extended her arm and launched an attack at Renee.

She knew that Renee was a quite formidable martial artist and she may not win, but she had to do her best to fight for her innocence and reputation.

“‘Know your place!” Renee sneered and intended to counter without hesitation.

“Stop!” Leon was taken aback and positioned himself in between the two women, grabbing Renee and Candice’s wrists with both hands.

This stopped the fight and prevented the situation from escalating.

“Renee, calm down. I told the truth. Nothing happened between me and Miss Daglesh. Can you stop messing around?” Leon reprimanded Renee, displeased by her unreasonable behavior.

As she grew angrier, she was less inclined to believe him.

She was in love with Leon and subconsciously considered him her boyfriend.

Hence, she refused to believe what Leon and Candice said.

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