The Ex Husbands Revenge Chapter 2831

The Ex Husbands Revenge

The Ex Husbands Revenge Chapter 2831-“Nonsense! Leon, you’re not a doctor and I’ve never heard that you know anything about medicine. How can you treat her? Do you two take me for a fool?” Renee said angrily.

After spending some time with Leon, she felt that she knew Leon quite well, but she never heard that Leon practiced medicine.

Since Leon was not a professional doctor, he would be an amateur at best.

If Candice was truly feeling unwell, she should have gone to the hospital or professional doctors.

It did not make sense that she would come to the hotel to seek Leon’s help.

Hence, her first reaction was that Leon and Candice were lying to her.

“Renee, I’m not lying to you! I’m telling the truth,” Leon explained patiently but was soon interrupted by Renee.

“I don’t want to hear it, Leon! How could you sleep with Candice behind my back? You two are shameless,” Renee roared, her eyes reddening.

“Why you!” Leon was annoyed that Renee refused to believe him.

Naturally, Candice felt the same as well and her expression darkened.

Getting off the bed, she strode over. “Renee Morrison, who are you calling shameless? I’m warning you!” she reprimanded while suppressing her anger.

Though both Candice and Renee were noble ladies, they did not meet that many times in the past and were not close.

Since the Morrisons somehow stole the partnership with Cynthion Group from the Dagleshs, Candice had a bad impression of the Morrisons.

On top of that, Renee accused her of sleeping with Leon, slandered her virtue, and called her shameless, so she was enraged.

Still, Leon was right there and he seemed close with Renee. Therefore, she suppressed her anger out of respect for Leon.

Since Candice was at the hotel, she must have been the person who approached Leon.

Assuming that they slept together, Renee did not think that the fault was with Leon.

She concluded that Candice must have seduced Leon and Leon caved to temptation by accident.

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