The Ex Husbands Revenge Chapter 2827

The Ex Husbands Revenge

The Ex Husbands Revenge Chapter 2827-“Okay.” Candice felt reassured and sat down on the couch under his guidance.

Leon sat across from her and placed his fingers on her pulse to begin the diagnosis.

Some time later, his expression darkened and Candice felt nervous at the sight.

Mister Wolf, what is it?” “It’s not that good. You’ve delayed treatment for too long and the condition around your torso is already worsening. If the situation escalates further, you would suffer permanent damage to your body, or even die,” Leon said.

After the diagnosis, he could confirm that Candice was indeed suffering from dark energy within her body.

However, she delayed treatment for far too long and the situation was slightly more complicated than he imagined.

“It’s that bad?” Candice’s heart sank helplessly.

“It’s fine. So long as we treat you before things worsen, you will be fine.” Leon smiled.

With his skills, he could cure anyone as long as they were still breathing, not to mention when it was just a mild issue like Candice’s.

It would not be challenging at all for him to cure her.

“Great! Mister Wolf, please treat me,” Candice sighed a breath of relief and felt glad that she had come to the hotel to seek Leon’s help. Otherwise, her condition would have worsened and the consequences would be unimaginable.

“Miss Daglesh, please lay down on the bed. I will first massage you to speed up your circulation, then apply pressure on your pressure points. This would ensure the effect of the treatment,” Leon said.

“Oh, sure,” she said, then went to lay down on the bed.

Leon approached and fired up his true energy to start massaging her.

The coldness within Candice’s body was caused by the accumulation of dark energy and most of it gathered in her torso, which caused dysmenorrhea.

The method Leon trained with was light so his true energy contained a high content of light energy.

By firing up his true energy during the massage, he should be able to neutralize the coldness within her body.

However, the condition within her torso was more severe and private and he would have to resolve it with another method.

However, the reality was hardly what he anticipated.

As he started to massage the pressure points around her ankles, the soft touch of the legging caused Leon to shiver.

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