The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 998

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 998-Both of them turned their heads and saw a helicopter swiftly approaching them.

Everyone immediately went into combat mode, nervously pulling out their guns and aiming in the direction of the helicopter.

“There’s no need to be nervous. It’s probably not an enemy.” Justin was the only one who remained calm and composed, showing no change in his expression, as steady as a mountain.

“How are you so sure?” Ryan asked in astonishment.

“If it were the enemy, they would have been shooting at us already from this distance. The fact that they haven’t made any moves yet, suggests that their intention is not to harm us.” Ryan nodded vigorously in agreement. “That makes sense!” The helicopter landed smoothly on the beach, kicking up a irlwind of sand that blinded everyone.

Amidst the raging wind, Justin stood with his eyes fixed or disembarking from the helicopter.

In the following instant, his eyes widened in shock!

“Oh shit! It’s…it’s…the king of the underworld, The Matrix!” Ryan blurted out.

When Ryan witnessed the imposing approach of Asher and his grou of men from KS Group, he became so fearful that he immediately hi behind Justin.

Despite being known as the notorious “Prince of Savrow”, he was gripped by fear at this moment. It wasn’t just a random person. It was “The Matrix”. His notorious reputation preceded him and cast an overwhelmingly intimidating shadow on the hearts of others.

At that moment, Justin and Asher locked eyes, sparking a silent confrontation between them.

“What are you doing here, Asher?” Justin’s eyes held a sharp edge as he spoke coldly.

“We are here for the same reason. Is there really a need to ask?” Asher spared no warmth for his former brother-in-law. Although he gradually understood Justin’s true feelings for Bella and his deep regret over past actions, there was an embedded stubbornness in the Thompson family. Even if they felt differently inside, they maintained stoic facades-a practice often referred to as “pretending to be calm while concealing true feelings.” Considering Justin’s initial cruel abandonment of Bella and enduring three years of “widowhood”, she even risked bec disabled on the battlefield for him. Under no circumstan Asher easily change his attitude toward him. For Asher, Bell d a star in the sky. If Justin wanted her, he would have to pu with the utmost determination.

Justin said firmly, “I’ll take care of Winston. Asher, there’s no nee you to be concerned.” Asher replied without backing down. “I am Bella’s older brother. Th matter concerns the Thompson family, so I will handle it.” “Ryan, let’s go.” Justin didn’t bother to argue further and was prepared to leave with his men.

“If I recall correctly, Mr. Salvador, you told my sister that you were on a business trip to Inalia.” Asher pointed out in a cold tone.

Justin turned back abruptly and met Asher’s gaze, only to find him smiling. “If Bella finds out that you lied to her, regardless of your intentions behind it all, do you truly believe she wouldn’t be angry?

She would be furious.” “Don’t tell her!” Justin’s heart raced as he hurried toward Asher with a plea in his voice. “Asher, everything I’ve done has been for Bella’s sake. But I’m afraid if she finds out I’m going after Winston, she’ll impulsively join me despite the risks.

I can’t bear seeing the woman I love in danger because of me! But if I don’t personally resolve this matter for Bella, then what sort of man am I? What right do I have to protect her?” Filled with intense emotions, his words touched the hearts of all who listened.

Asher furrowed his brows.

Ryan felt a strong urge to give his best friend a pat on the b “Asher, I know that even now, you still resent me. You blam causing Bella so much anguish and for abandoning her like a heartless monster

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