The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 994

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 994-“Y-You… Are you trying to… With me?” Bethany’s voice trembled, and her breathing grew agitated.

Simon remained composed, tilting his head with a look that concealed desire, which was particularly enticing.

Bethany understood the situation. She realized that if she did not make some sacrifices tonight, she would not be able to retrieve the medicine.

But to her, it did not matter. She was adept at sleeping with men. Besides, Dr.

Fairchild was not only young but also as good-looking as the male models she knew, so she did not feel like she was losing out.

“I know what you men desire.” Bethany’s cheeks flushed red, her fingers trembling as she began undo the buttons of her dress one by one.

Soon, she undid all her buttons, and her dress slid down to the floor leaving her standing before the man in nothing but sexy burgundy lace lingerie.

“Now we can…” “Ms. Salvador, what are you doing?” With a disdainful smile, Simon laughed, completely unmoved. “Is your mind always filled with thoughts of such activities with men? When did I ever say I wanted to sleep with you?” Bethany felt as if lightning had struck her. Her entire body trembled with anger, and her face burned with shame.

“A-Are you toying with me?!” Simon shook his head. “Ms. Bethany, you’ve misunderstood what I meant.” Bethany, flushed with embarrassment and anger, was about to bend down and pick up her dress when the man’s voice, laced with a cold smirk, rang out. “I want you to kneel before me and beg me. Beg for my help.” Bethany, her clothing forgotten in her agitation, trembled with indignation. “W-What did you just say?!” “Did you not hear me? I don’t think I need to repeat myself.” Upon finishing his sentence, Simon gestured toward the floor. “Ms.

Salvador, this is your only chance. Can you bear to watch your mother suffer from drug addiction? I doubt Madam Shannon can hold on much longer.” Meanwhile, unbeknownst to both Simon and Bethany, Bella was sitting in the study with a sheet mask on, watching the hospital’s internal footage displayed on her screen.

Every interaction and conversation was under the keen observation of the young heiress.

Initially, when Bethany began to undress, Bella’s sheet mask almost cracked from shock.

Simon’s unexpected actions further intensified her reaction, causing the mask to split completely.

Not only that, Bella’s brows furrowed tightly, her gaze becoming more profound.

Then, the next moment, she witnessed a scene that was both shocking and satisfying to her.

There Bethany was, trembling and half-naked, humiliatingly kneeling before Simon without a shred of dignity.

As the young lady of the prestigious Salvador family, when had Bethany ever experienced such a humiliating ordeal?

However, what Bella did not know was that, compared to the severe beating Bethany received from Ryan, which almost disfigured her, the humiliation she was enduring at that moment seemed insignificant Bella let out a soft sigh, shaking her head in resignation. “This really knows how to stir up trouble.” With the stainless steel box in hand, Bethany felt like she was dragging a lead ball as she walked out of the hospital with heavy steps.

As soon as she got into the car, she began to scream as if she were possessed. Her hands forcefully tangled her hair into a mess, unable to contain the rage boiling inside her.

Bethany pulled out a cigarette from her designer bag. Her trembling hands struck the lighter several times before finally lighting it.

She smoked three cigarettes in a row before managing to regain semblance of calmness.

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