The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 993

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 993-Bethany remained seated in her sports car for a long time, mustering her courage before finally disembarking and entering the hospital.

She dared not bring anyone along, knowing this matter required the utmost secrecy. Each additional person knowing this information would only pose another potential risk.

She cautiously tested the door and found it unexpectedly unlocked.

There was no one in the hospital. It was as if the hospital was anticipating Bethany’s arrival.

Suddenly, Bethany’s phone rang.

To her surprise, on the screen was Dr. Fairchild’s number-the very, one she had recently saved.

“Hello,” she answered, trying to maintain composure while sca her surroundings vigilantly.

“Ms. Bethany, I’m waiting for you in the second-floor office. Pleas come up.” After speaking, Dr. Fairchild promptly ended the call without any unnecessary chatter.

Bethany clenched her teeth and ascended to the second floor, pushing open the office door upon arrival.

Inside, Dr. Fairchild sat calmly on the sofa, clad in a white coat, offering a gentle smile.

At the sight of him, Bethany’s pupils involuntarily contracted with unease.

She finally understood why Shannon was so infatuated with this male doctor. He had a handsome appearance and carried himself with refined manners.

“Ms. Salvador, you arrived rather quickly. I anticipated a longer wait,” Dr. Fairchild remarked calmly.

“Let’s not waste each other’s time, Dr. Fairchild.” Bethany composed herself and spoke coldly. “I came here for a reason, and you should be well aware of it.” “How’s Madam Shannon doing?” Instead of directly responding to her, Simon indulgently chuckled. “It’s been a while since I last saw her. Honestly, I kind of miss her.” “Shut up!” Bethany snapped, her eyes burning with embarrassment as she pointed accusingly at his mocking face. “My mother is the matriarch of one of Savrow’s most prestigious families. She is a person of such noble status. How dare you harbor any thoughts about her?!” Simon shrugged. “I’ve never had any desires toward her. All along, it was Madam Shannon who initiated everything…” “Enough! Stop talking!” Bethany stepped back abruptly, feeling a surge of repulsion from deep within. “Just give me what I came for. Hurry up!” “Ms. Salvador, às an heiress from a prominent family, you’ve lived a life of privilege. Even if you’re not familiar with social etiquette, you should at least know how to be polite when asking for a favor, right?” Simon’s expression carried a hint of amusement.

Bethany gritted her teeth, her voice cold and determined. “Dr.

Fairchild, since you have a close relationship with my mother, please hand over what she requires now.” Simon remained silent, slowly retrieving a stainless steel medical box and giving it a subtle shake.

“All the shots are in here.” Bethany’s eyes lit up, and she rushed forward to take the box.

But just then, Simon unexpectedly pulled the box back, leaving her grasping at the air in embarrassment “W-What is wrong with you?!” “I’m close to Madam Shannon, but now with you, Ms. Salvador. So, I can’t just hand this over to you,” Simon replied, his eyes narrowing as he examined her from head to toe with a meaningful gaze.

His gaze was intense, like a burning flame running from head to toe, causing Bethany to shiver and her heart to race.

What was his intention?

Typically, when a man looked at someone like that and spoke in such a tone, they were usually suggesting something sexual.

Could it be that he desires her?

But she was Shannon’s daughter! Was this man aiming for both the mother and the daughter? Was he into such taboo relationships?!

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