The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 99

The Divorced Heiress Revenge

The Divorced Heiress Revenge Chapter 99-“What?” Justin was so shocked that he widened his eyes and dropped his fork on the floor.

Bella’s heart turned cold when she saw how flustered Justin was because of Rosalind.

“Ms. Gold was making a fuss at home just now and kept calling your name. She’s emotionally unstable, so Madam Shannon asks that you go over and have a look at her. She fears that Ms. Gold will do something drastic…” Before Ian finished speaking, Justin stood up and rushed out of the dining hall.

“You imbecile! If you dare look for Rosalind, I won’t recognize you as my grandson!” Nigel slammed the table in anger.

However, it was too late. Justin had already disappeared from his sight.

“Sigh… Why am I cursed with this family? I tried so hard to turn things around. But I just can’t change Justin’s mind despite all my efforts… I’m so useless!” Nigel beat his chest and felt guilty for his precious granddaughter-in-law.

Bella’s eyes were teary. She smiled slightly and patted Nigel’s back in consolation.

“Grandpa, don’t say that. What you have done for me is enough. Justin and I are just not fated to be together…” Outside the villa, Justin was about to get in the car with worry plastered all over his face.

“Mr. Salvador!” Justin suddenly stopped and turned around. He saw Anna chasing him under the bright light. Her clear and reddish eyes glinted in the dark.

For some reason, a hint of guilt suddenly arose in his heart. Just as he was about to say something, Bella beat him to it.

“Your sister slandered my hotel employee and caused the poor girl to have an epileptic seizure. Please tell Bethany that I won’t let this slide. She must give my employee an explanation.” Justin furrowed his brows. He never expected that this was the reason she came chasing after him.

As a result, the slight anticipation in Justin’s eyes dissipated instantly.

“Although Bethany is my sister, I never interfere with her personal affairs.” “So, you think that this is her personal affairs, huh? I understand, then.” After saying that, Bella chuckled, turned around, and walked into the villa without looking back.

Justin suddenly felt uneasy as a chill raided his body.

‘Is Anna laughing at me?’ That night, Justin went to visit Rosalind, who was suffering from “severe depression”. He stayed at the Golds’ residence until the early hours of the morning before he returned, completely exhausted.

Even though he was wary of Rosalind because of that incident with Anna, the moment he saw her diagnosis report of severe depression, the deepest and darkest part of his heart was moved.

Depression was a trauma that he could not forget.

“Mr. Salvador, something has happened. Should we deal with it?” Ian asked hesitantly, holding his phone.

“Huh?” Justin closed his eyes and took a rest.

“Someone posted a video of Ms. Bethany insulting the housekeeper in the hotel… The public relations department found it in time. They were afraid that this would affect the image of Salvador Corporation, so they would like to know what your orders are.” “Delete it.” Justin’s thin lips parted, and he narrowed his eyes slightly. “Don’t let Bethany’s personal issues affect the company. Delete everything.” “Yes, sir!” Back at the villa, Justin had just gone upstairs when he saw Wilma walking out in her pajamas with a worried look on her face.

“Wilma, didn’t I tell you not to wait up for me? I’m busy, and I come back late all the time.” Justin felt a rare surge of warmth in his heart.

Wilma had always waited up for him since he was young. As long as he did not explicitly tell her that he was not coming back, Wilma would wait for him to come home, much like a mother would do for her son.

As Wilma got older, she gradually could not keep up. Thus, Anna took over the responsibility of taking care of Justin for the past three years. She waited for him to come back every night before going to bed.

–“Justin, have you eaten? I left some food for you. It’s still warm.’ -“Justin, can you go to bed a little earlier next time? Your frequent headache is also related to staying up late. You’ll only improve your headaches if you start by regulating your sleep cycle.” “Justin… I know you don’t want to hear it, but I will say it anyway because I want you to be healthy. I don’t want you to get sick.” “Should I listen to you? If so, I’m just a servant, not your relative.” Wilma sighed angrily. “Sigh… If only Young Madam was here. That way, I can save some energy.

Young Madam has really taken good care of you for the past three years. Her pretty little face became so haggard over the years after she married you. It makes me heartbroken just thinking about it.’

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